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Masa Yang Sesuai Untuk Bercerai.. err.. Berhenti Susu Ibu

Hafiy genap usianya 2 tahun bulan depan. According to Islam point of view, sempurnalah tempoh penyusuan pada usia itu. Gugur sudah tanggungjawab kewajipan Mommy menyusukan Hafiy tatkala usia Hafiy menginjak 2 tahun. Mommy memang mewar-warkan yang nak susukan Hafiy sampai Hafiy besar, sampailah Hafiy nak berhenti sendiri. Tapi, lepas berbincang dengan Abiy, kami kena perhatikan… Read More »

Considering Extended Breastfeeding for My Toddler

Definitely! Hafiy is reaching 2 years old this October, an age where some people think a mandatory to stop breastfeeding. But I am against the idea, because there’s no evidence of the compulsory of weaning at the age of 2. Myths about the taboo in extended breastfeeding is really popular in our society, such as:… Read More »

Our Wonderful Weekend in Paed Ward

We were expecting that Fahry would be OK after taking the inhaler. But his condition getting worse and worse. He got cough and wheezing breath. download my blue heaven free Since Fahry’s cough became quite severe on Thursday, I insisted Abiy to take him to the Paed Clinic. So, on Saturday morning, we brought him… Read More »

The Art of Tandem Nursing

Hafiy and Fahry have been tandem nursed for almost 3 months now, alhamdulillah. We don’t face any difficulty, and every second is definitely enjoyable. I got some ‘funny’ remarks about tandem nursing. I’d like to share ’em here.. no offense 😉 …When the elder drinks from Mommy, the little one won’t get enough milk for… Read More »

My Breastfeeding Journey – 1 Year & A Quarter

*I’m so sorry if my writing may hurt certain people. In 2007, when I started to BF Hafiy, I was very obsess about BFing. If you read my entry dated 2007 & early 2008 tagged Breastfeeding, all are full of obsession and sometimes out-of-mind. I even think about deleting those (shy-shy beb), but after re-thinking,… Read More »

What LCs Say…

this is the compilation of among the LCs advise on my current problem (for my friends’ and my future reference [if this happen again]): from Rita (Moms Little Ones) Please understand that pregnancy does affect milk supply. So, technically, do expect your milk supply to dwindle over time. However, you can still continue to breastfeed… Read More »

Time to Take A Break

watchtower cruel and unusual divx Hafiy tibe2 pandai minum dengan straw. Mami tak ajar pun. dalam 2 hari ni Mami dalam blues yang panjang. i’m not OK! yesterday i put the status “mampukah kubertahan“, sampai beberapa orang msg & sms “what happen?” now that we’re in the middle of our pregnancy journey, still has half… Read More »

What to Expect When You Are Expecting + Breastfeeding

this is purely from my experience and my friends’, with mimimun reference to other reliable sources i.e. LCs, doctors and reading materials. watch grind in divx conspiracy theory movie ***ZIILION THANKS for all your comments & supports. so sorry for not being able to reply ’em, but we truly appreciate YOUR WARM MESSAGES! hug hug… Read More »

TN & Orang Tua

dulu kami di Miri, hidup berdua (bertiga) saja. tak ada orang kecoh2 suruh buat itu ini. itulah satu bonus hidup berjauhan dengan keluarga (cons-nya banyak la pula). alhamdulillah, sejak balik Miri, Mami tak pernah berhadapan dengan karenah orang2 yang lebih dulu makan garam. cuma sejak2 ada Bibik, ada la sikit2 dia ‘menasihat’. yang tu tak… Read More »

Benarkah Islam Melarang Menyusui Semasa Mengandung?

banyak pendapat yang berkata bahawa tandem nursing (termasuk nursing semasa pregnant) adalah dilarang dalam Islam, sebab ‘mengambil hak si adik’. dan ada yang mendefinisikan ghilah sebagai tandem nursing. dan ada pula seseorang lain berkata, tandem nursing (termasuk nursing semasa pregnant) adalah dilarang juga kerana memberi mudarat kepada si abang. mungkin susu tiada khasiat & membahayakan… Read More »