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Perkembangan Anak Pramatang Saya | Happy Birthday

Alhamdulillah, genap 3 tahun usia Fahry. Melihatnya pada hari ni membuatkan saya lupa keadaan dia 3 tahun yang lalu. Lemah, rapuh (fragile?), kecil… dalam inkubator dengan wayar dan gauze di sana sini. Tersentuh naluri keibuan gitu 😀 Masa tu, kalimat sabar tak henti2 saya terima. Alhamdulillah menguatkan semangat. Maklumlah, bukan je dapat anak pramatang, siap… Read More »

Fahry and Playgound

I love to bring my kids to places they could play, learn and enhance their skills. Especially for Fahry because we want him to utilize his remaining body parts (gilo punya statement). His right leg muscles shows some delays compared to his left ones. It could be because he likes to use his left ones… Read More »

Physioteraphy Session to Make Fahry Familiar With His New Prosthesis

We found out that Fahry is a very flexible baby, and very easy to adapt and accept new things. This is also agreed by his Rehab Specialist, Dr Taayah and physiotherapist, Aunty Selvi. They said, usually babies are hard to get used with prosthesis, at least they would cry but now Fahry. He enjoys his… Read More »