Fahry and Playgound

By | October 28, 2010

I love to bring my kids to places they could play, learn and enhance their skills. Especially for Fahry because we want him to utilize his remaining body parts (gilo punya statement). His right leg muscles shows some delays compared to his left ones. It could be because he likes to use his left ones more.

So we brought him to swim and enroll in swimming class (organized by his nursery). Fahry is a good swimmer 🙂 Not that he knows how to swim, but he’s a brave one, when we selam-selam he didn’t fret at all, instead enjoy each second of being in the pool. Sampai takmau naik.

fahry swimming

fahry swim

fahry swim

Hafiy, as well, shows interest being surrounded by water. Even though that was his first time, but he learned so well.

hafiy swims

Now that I can see Fahry has bigger determination to overcome his disability.  He likes to kick the balls, go up the stairs, go under the table, and play slide. But he still afraid of being swung. Gayat, perhaps 😉 Coz he’s not used to buaian since he was baby.

Now we are waiting for his new prosthesis. *excited!*

Fahry is a very positive baby. When someone asks him “Which one is your foot?” He’ll points to the amputated side. He maybe too small to understand, but he’s almost 2. I’m sure he’s only delay in his physical development, not his brain. Fahry could be offended when outsiders talk about his special fingers, as what happened 2 months ago. But I don’t want this to traumatize him. Just let those people talking, they are not our counterparts, they are not our bosses, even they have nothing to do with our life pun 😉

I pray that life would be easier for Fahry. As of now, everybody likes him because he is an attractive kid, with his bright eyes and smile. I want him to be somebody, as not everyone knows, lots of Islamic scholars and tabi’en are disabled, e.g. the Guru of Imam Malik. His name is Abdul Rahman bin Hurmuz al-A’raj, had physical disability on his legs, thus he got the name, Al-A’raj meaning ‘si tempang’ in Arabic. In fact there are lots of disabled scholars got their calling names for their disabilities. It never to put them down, but to tell other normal people that even disables could do this and that, they should able to do better.

This must be a great challenge for Hafiy. He has no physical disability, hence he must prove that he could be better. So I have to put both of them in the same standard so that they would strive to be the best no matter who they are 😉 That’s what every mom wants kan?

11 thoughts on “Fahry and Playgound

  1. Cinta Super

    1) macam mana ya penerimaan hafiy terhadap adik dia?

    2) kalau pertumbuhan delay tu, its ok ke ya? mcm yg lyna mention pasal kaki fahry tu.

    3) well. what i can say. i am not worried about fahry, sbb dia ada emak yang ‘celik’ hati. InsyaAllah!
    Cinta Super´s menulis tentang ..Perasmian BlogMy Profile

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      1) ok je dia. kami layan diorang sama rata je. sapa buat salah kena marah/denda. be it abg ke adik ke. kalo adik dpt special treatment pun sebab dia kecik, not sbb dia ‘special’. lagipun Fahry bukan ape2, it just he wears prosthesis.mcm org pakai spek, call it rabun,tp bkn masalah pun.tol tak?in fact drg kat rumah (& mana2 pun) sama je lasaknya.hehe.

      2) delay in term or dia punya body, weight gain sbnrnya.kecik sgt,only 8.5kg at 22 months.tp ok je kot coz dia ex-preemie,walopon paeds (ramai paed ko!) dia bising2 gk.wat to do,mkn dh byk,jnji sihat.

      Tp ttg muscle dia mmg worrysome. So kna pegi terapi. Alah… Biasa je, mcm kita kalo nk score exam pegi tuisyen.

      3) i hv no worry at all but sometimes ppl around yg make me worry.haha.x pe,it’s a challenge for us.hidup kalo xde cabaran,xdela manisnya 😉

      Tp hakikatnya sejarah membuktikan ramai sahabat & tabien serta alim ulamak yg OKU, incldng the latest Almarhum Syeikh Ahmad Yassin yg lumpuh. But they are top leaders. So why bother? Tol tak?

      Dont sweat the small stuffs. Ahaks.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      Well done to you & everybody too! All children indeed very special 😉

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      Maknya yang penat melayan! Hopefully in 2-3 month dh mahir berenang (boleh ke???) so that bole maknya berenang sama ekeke

  2. farah

    kagum ngan fahry..ntahla pada mata i,takde ape yang kurang pada fahry ni..lasak boleh tahan jugak kan hahaha

  3. Asiah Abd Jalil

    Saya pernah sakit kena gangguan jin. Non-stop continuous vaginal bleeding for two years! I really mean non-stop for two years! Time tu beli pads kat Mydin, borong macam nak jual kat asrama perempuan.

    I went for both modern and traditional medicine. Doctors cakap unknown cause. Traditional medicine semua tak berkesan.

    Only after two years fortunately I was introduced to this pakcik in Ipoh. Dia OKU. Kaki dia macam Fahry. Tapi dia langsung tak boleh berjalan, dia mengengsot atas lantai aje. Waktu malam, rumah dia sangat penuh dengan orang datang berubat, sampai 2, 3 pagi pun ada lagi orang datang.

    Alhamdulillah, dengan izin Allah, saya sembuh selepas berubat dengan pakcik tu. Hari Ahad pergi, hari Isnin terus baik sakit yang dah saya tanggung selama 2 tahun tu. Padahal sebelum tu, merata-rata saya pergi berubat, satu semenanjung Malaysia dah pusing.

    Sometimes kita takkan nampak apa yang Allah dah aturkan untuk hamba-hamba-Nya. Allah bagi kekurangan kat satu sudut, sebab mungkin Allah nak bagi keistimewaan pada sudut yang lain.
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