DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge That Brought Those Good Old Days

By | January 14, 2010

I haven’t involve in any physical activity after leaving my study. I was.. somewhat active jugakla… Even if I wasn’t a sport girl, but I took part in Taek Won-Do (Black Belt kaler Biru, you!) and Seni Silat Cekak (but haven’t finished the Kemahiran Class because I have knifephobia -phobia of knife-). So for those I used to run, jump, roll and any kind of martial arts movement. But everything was just left in memory as I enter the working world, and become a mother summore, πŸ˜€

So taking part in Nuffnang DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge was a torture to my body πŸ˜€ It was aching all over and I couldn’t move my leg properly for several hours in the next morning πŸ˜›

It was so amazing-race-like thingy I tell you.

la dolce momma digi

This is our team = La Dolce Momma (The Sweet Momma). Konon2 La Dolce Amira, jangan maraaahh~~. L-R : Me, Little Mama, Foxy Farah & Ummi Khayra.

I was a bit late for the event. Tengah2 tunggu nak bergerak suddenly my sister called that she was on the way to our house. So I decided to wait for her lah. I texted Nicholas & Jestina from Nuffnang telling that I’d be late, and they replied “OK but not later than 3pm”. Takut hokeh cos they mentioned latecomers would be disqualified. Jangan because of me the whole team tak boleh beraksi!

Kebetulan my family from Kelantan ada datang so I asked them to take care of the kids bole tak πŸ˜› Abiy sent me to One Utama at 2.35pm. Ok la still awal but I took some times to find out where the Mardi Grass was. Poor me even if berkali2 ke OU saya memang gerenti sesat (maluuu tutup muka). Finally I managed to reach Mardi Grass where Nini & Farah were patiently waiting πŸ˜›

Rasanya most participants adalah remaja2 riang hehehe. Eh.. tapiii ada lagi yang lebih senior

Saya cilok dari blog RedMummy, dengan kebenaran okeh.

Sempat gak bertegur sapa ngan Kak Red masa registration. Saya ni pemalu orangnye πŸ˜€

The crowd memang ada macam2 jenis gaya. Rasanya our team yang paling sempoi but unique. See what we had on our arms…

la dolce momma

Kami ada sticker lagi kat lengan.

Selepas taklimat lebih kurang and got a DiGi Internet modem, perlawanan pun bermula.

We had to complete all 8 challenges. I was kinda.. “What? I ingat treasure hunt macam masa sekolah2 dulu. Aiseh”. We were given 2.5 hours… luckily we had Farah and Nini who expert about One Utama. If harapkan saya memang keje makan buah langsat aje la…

The pre-race challenge was.. which one first? We had to manage our time to complete at least half of the challenges. As been told by the organizer, we’re unlikely to complete all those challenges in 2.5 hours, but we challenged ourselves to make it completely done! Possible or impossible?

So we ran to keep up with time. Our first challenge was..

..DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge with It’s a Hit! Batting Cages ~ It’s Home Run

Ini sungguh mengingatkan memori bermain “bola katok” (entah apa namanya kalau di luar Kelantan). Tapi seperti biasa, bola tu memang sangat tak suka dengan saya πŸ˜€


Harap gaya je lebih πŸ˜›

Tapi…. Tapi kita dapat homerun tau! Tepuk2 to Farah!

farah foxy

Elleehhh… konon terer la tu. Nasib je laaaa tu (suara2 dengki sebab tak bole hit sebijik bola pun :P).

I was trying to imagine the legend game yang sekarang rasanya my little brother dah tak tahu main. Budak sekarang main computer games je le.. Tapi susah nak kontrol because yang baling tu adalah mesin, kalau orang boleh laaa (alasan).

“Bola katok” was a very fun game. It was like rounders or something lah. But instead we used pelepah kelapa yang dah dipotong as the bat. The ball pakai apa2 buah yang keras. If pakai bola tennis memang tak payah main la… Pegi je la cari kat dalam bendang sana.

I told Abiy that we played baseball kat atas bumbung OU. He was kinda suprised “Eh, ada ke?”.

The Value I Acquire From This Challenge: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. Tak kirelah tangan batu ke tangan kayu ke, as a team we missed many hits, but we got a homerun! So tak kesahlah kalau rasa kita tak competent, that’s the value of cooperation and teamwork “Apa yang penting??? Kerjaaasama!”. Complement to each other.

Then our second challenge…

…DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge with QuickSilver~ Super Model You

Oh inilah angan2 sekian lama. Finally ada can jugak jadi Super Model. Tyra Bank ni kalau tengok ni sure sembah2 kaki ai suruh jadi sifu dia. America’s Next Top Model tutup kedai la jawabnya LOL.

super model

Aumm!! Aumm!!! Habisla ko Tyra!

The challenge was, we have to wear any Quicksilver outfit and the second challenge was I never wear those laah. Look at me macam nangka kena bungkus aje.

OK rasanya from our picture to menepati what the bunting sebelah to mentioned “Surfing Without Fear”. Garang tu!

The picture was required to be uploaded to FaceBook.

The Value I Acquire From This Challenge: Teamwork teamwork! 4 brains is far more better than one! We chose our own outfit but with one driver = to take the challenge, kami bergaya yang sama without have to paksa2. All natural OK!

So after the bergaya like a model and fulfilling my childhood dream (lahh sangat) we moved to the challenge…

DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge with Swatch ~ Light, Camera, Action!

You know lah when it said light camera action tu mesti ada kaitan dengan bidang lakonan. We olz jadi pelakon uolz! I think mak lah pelakon paling hover!

So we had to make a 30-sec commercial (iklan ler) for Swatch and DiGi Internet. Ape nak buat inih….! So dengan 4 kepala, 1 kamera & 1 tripod jadilah sebuah commercial yang ala2 Yasmin Ahmad punya. Tapi sayangnya tak dapat upload kat You Tube or Face Book. So cuma ada gamba2 ni sebagai bukti kami memang terlibat dalam penghasilan sebuah TV commercial!

mom blogger planets

Ala, aci je amik kat MBP pun, sama je gambarnya…

We were given 2 swatch watches and a tripod.

Memang sangat teamwork betul, sebab kami kesuntukan masa (to complete 8 challenges in 2.5 hours!) so tak boleh fikir lama2. Akhirnya 2 jadi pelakon 2 jadi suara latar cum jurukamera cum pengarah cum penulis skrip. Takde cut-cut ni tau! Tan Hong Ming pun sure dah tobat taknak berlakon iklan lagi, nak belajar rajin2 biar dapat 5A UPSR.

We had to upload the video to Face Book and tag the organizer lah.

The Value I Acquire From This Challenge: Quick plan and quick decision. Mana ada masa nak edit2 lagi dah. Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak perbuatan buruk padahnya. Think before you act. Don’t forget to do some research using DiGi Internet πŸ˜€ Sempat lagi tuu promo.

The next station wasn’t far from Swatch…

…DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge with DiGiMusic ~ One O’clock, Two o’clock, Three O’clock Rock!

Sonang je yang ni cuma kena create Playlist kat digimusic.com & add lagu Lady Gaga & Akon. We were judged by our kepantasan to create the playlist and to add the songs. Beresss. Our playlist of course la LA DOLCE MOMMA!


If only I could turn back time, I would use this service for RM5/month to download my favourite songs, UNLIMITED. But these days I really have to time to listen to the music. Too many things to listen to πŸ˜›

The Value I Acquire From This Challenge: Be quick, alert and keep updated with the current situation. Didn’t I tell you that we mistakenly created the same playlist 2 times and add the song each on the different playlist. Luckily we promptly aware about it. Maklumlah mak2 mana la nak berplaylist2 lagi. Housechores list, shopping list, grocery list, tu aderlaa…

The fifth challenge..

…DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge with NOKIA Studio ~ Now, the net lives on your phone!

This one was a bit tricky to our brain. We had to watch a commercial from their phone, and later solve a code with clue : Use dictionary in hands. I was like “What dictionary?”. At first I thought it was Dictionary.Com okeh! Thanks God to the teamwork, it was the dictionary function in the handphone’s SMS πŸ˜›

Without delaying any second we finally got “BROADBAND DONE RIGHT”


Luckily I am using a Nokia handphone. We tried with other phones but we couldn’t get the answer. Bahasa lain kot?

The Value I Acquire From This Challenge: Think outside the box and understand the second meaning laaaah. At first we thought the numbers were representing letter, e.g. 4 for A, 8 for B.. hehehe. Dictionary in hand…~

The next one, just opposite the Nokia one,

..DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge with Rainforest – Bulls Eye

I thought they’d ask us to use bow and arc. Memanah la. But it was more interesting. Menyumpit!


Really brought me back to Sarawak. Menyesal tak belajar menyumpit masa kat Miri dulu.

The Value I Acquire From This Challenge: Another one shoot for the moon! Susah juge nak hit target but we manage to shoot almost nak kene bullseye. And it was my dart πŸ˜€ Challenge ourselves to do new things.

And.. last… but not least…

…DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge with Celebrity Fitness ~ Average Likely Speed

Gosh.. to tell you I never never ever run or even walk non-stop for 800m! This time I wasn’t even jog, but run! (Abiy must be proud of me). I though I wasn’t have so much energy to hold on there. I thought I’d go blackout (usually I would pengsan!) but pushing yourself to the limit won’t kill!

So we had to run 800 m on the treadmill. I was really running with average speed of 7 mph! Crazy ain’t it? People would push themselves when they have to πŸ˜€

Fuuuuuhhhh and it was 6pm already.

celebrity fitness

The Value I Acquire From This Challenge: Bila dah terpaksa tu.. boleh aje… Remind me to my lil’ Fahry. I was neverΒ  wanted a disable boy to be my son, because I thought I couldn’t take it. But when I had my Fahry, I am more than willing! I love him to the max and sometimes I just forget that he is not a normal baby, because he’s so special πŸ™‚

We missed one challenge : DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge with Mardi Gras ~ So You Think You Can Dance?

What dance? Pole dance. See these guys..

Remind me to orang putih story la like this. Hehe.

After finishing the last challenge, we gathered at Mardi Gras to do all the uploading things and blogging thing.

We had our light dinner and Khayra came to claim her dinner too!

Mothers will always be mothers

It was FUN, FUN, FUN! Forgot the fact that I’m still having my feet ache until today. Blame me for the malas-ness to do exercise πŸ˜›

I had to excuse myself earlier because of the boys I left at home. Kesian diorang kena tinggal. In fact, I missed the chance to send my family back, as my mom, dad & brothers gerak balik Kelantan at 6pm.

In the car (Abiy drove) I told Abiy about everything I experienced. You know.. it brought me back to my good old days.. when I was a cute (still!) little (tipulah I was gemuk dulu) girl… with active lifestyle and surrounded with friends. Now mana nak ada dah hanging out with friends like that lagi kan. My life totally devoted to my beloved family especially my kids.

Thank you to Nuffnang, DiGi, Time Solutions and all the sponsors for the great event. It wasn’t a mistake to form a team and pimped our day with them πŸ™‚ Thank you to my great team members, and great families behind.

Seronok dan penat, tapi for the values we obtain, nothing could replace. A good start for 2010 anyway. If not, I wouldn’t know that I can actually running for 800 m non-stop πŸ˜€ Memang sungguh bererti sekali!

la dolce momma

So for those who are still thinking of the best broadband to subscribe, maybe you can consider this..

digi 1

and this…

digi 2

and this! Kok student adjeee…

digi 3

Great promo is awesome deal, isn’t it?

Contract-free summore mah!


DiGi has change my (and I believe, our!) life. How about you? Dare to take the challenge? it got the funstuffs too! Ada wallpaper and screensaver lagik.


It’s DiGi lah. Always a smarter choice. And broadband done right!logo digi

BB digi
digi digi

Lain kali, buat le lagi. Buatla pertandingan makan ke pertandingan shopping ke πŸ˜›

*Pictures are courtesy of MomBloggersPlanet (La Dolce Momma official blog) and RedMummy.Com.

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