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By | July 23, 2009

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I got an email from Nuffnang, invited me to the launch of Mead Johnson’s Enfagrow A+ and Enfakid A+ with More Than 4X DHA and New Triple Protection Guard.

It was such a nice invitation, for being Nuffnang’s Glitterati member it get the chance to mingle around with other Nuffnangers and the advertisers. What a nice thing from Nuffnang ain’t it?

I was so excited to see how the even would go, and meet the people I ‘work’ with. Unfortunately, we had no camera …the great moment won’t be captured… Uhuhu~

So I took Fahry together, as Nuffnang informed that I got the exception. Yippeee!!! It was actually an adult-only-event. But since Bibik was not in town, so nobody could take charge to look after Fahry. So together with Aunty Fatin who became my driver, we went to Boulevard Hotel, Midvalley, where the function was held at the poolside Level 9.

At the lobby, I met Mamafiza. And she recognized me by my spectacles’ color. Because both of us wear the same color! Maroon.

We were in the same lift, and Mamafiza was with her big Kirua-Mi Chan.

At level 9, the function has started. I registered and got the goodie bag, then went to the poolside to watch an awesome synchronized swimming performance by 10 cute and young girls who were very strong in the water. They were so cute and I wish I could to that 😛

They were so amazing dancing in the water, in the same pattern. I guess (because I am not a swimmer) they had to focus to ensure their breathing, swimming and dancing so all could be done accordingly. And what amaze me most was, they did the second round performance, and they looked very energetic, like they did it for the first time. Cool ain’t it? It inspired me to nourish Hafiy and Fahry, so that they would have balance in both physical and mind activities. If their bodies are strong, their brains work more!

Gosh I really wanted to do that!

nuffnang mead johnson

Gorgeous gurls!!!

Then it was the product launching done beside the pool.

It was so cool and casual, as I never attended any product launching event before, for me it was very good. Mr. Roger Dallas from Meadjohnson gave a brief introduction about Meadjohnson, and of course their new products. Enfagrow A+ and Enfakid A+, which has the highest level of DHA in the market! Enfagrow A+ is for 1-3 years old and Enfakid A+ is for 4 years old above. Complete package for a toddler to grow up healthily.

nuffnang mead johnson enfakid

Walla!!! Handsome Mr. Dallas launched Enfagrow A+ 4x DHA

Mead Johnson is not only specializes in making nutritional products for infants and kids, but also build a community among parents who are really care about their children’s early development. They have the Asian Mom Network for mommies to mingle around and discuss about various issues regarding motherhood. I like it and had my account there as soon as I become a Mommy!

On top of that, Mead Johnson tries to provide a ‘food’ with proper nutrient to these babies, so that they could have ability to learn more. To ensure children get all the goodness for their very bright start in life, Mead Johnson is committed in doing R&D. This one is completed with 4X DHA and Triple Protection Guide to protect respiratory system, digestive system and resistance to common illness, with the blend of DHA, dietary fibers (inulin and FOS), zinc, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Those vitamin and minerals help to support the child’s body resistance.

Why DHA? DHA is the major component of fatty acid that makes brain tissue and important part of the enzyme within cell membrane to transport nutrient within cell. It also helps brain to communicate effectively, i.e. reflex respond, think, learn and so on. When our child gets enough DHA, he can use their brain at the most capacity!

After the launching by Mr. Dallas, we were brought to a room at level 8, for a sharing session with Madam Jennifer Hor. It was 6 of us, Karen Yiow, Suezette, Kak P-Nut, Missy Farah, Mamafiza and I, accompanied by our family members (Aunty Fatin, Fahry and Kirua-Mi), Meadjohnson crews and press. I couldn’t remember them but one of the men is from 8TV.

It was a great session, about positive parenting; we talked about everything regarding our children, eating, sleeping, playing, learning, etc. Lots of tips were shared, especially by the senior mothers. Then I knew my boys are not bad at all But unfortunately the time was very limited. We had to adjourn at 12. But I salute them for time management. They wasn’t drag even a second!

nuffnang fahry

Fahry and Mommy.

During the session, Fahry is the most eye-catches object. Luckily Fahry was really OK, he didn’t cry until he felt hungry and sleepy. I think I have to speak in English often, after 6 months of leaving the office now my English becomes sooooo.. hard to understand LOL.

And I took the opportunity to discuss about ‘special child’ with Jennifer. She told me to make Fahry feels so special and make him feel like ‘everyone want to be like him’, instead of feeling ‘kesian’, ‘simpati’, ‘sedih’ and so on. And I’m sure we’re on the right track!

Jennifer is a very humble and nice person. She is a midwife, and a breastfeeding counselor! It’s no surprise when she helped me nursing Fahry in the room and was very happy when I told her that I’m tandem nurse my babies. She’s also the co-author for Asian Parenting Today, and one of the BabyCentre’s Malaysia Expert Panelist. Wow, we met somebody!

After the sharing session, we were invited to have lunch, and chit chat among the mothers while snapping pictures. Was so excited meeting Farah since she missed the excitement of the previous Get-2-Gather at Taman Tasik Shah Alam. But since Fahry got cranky so we couldn’t chat a lot.

nuffnang mamafiza foxyfarah

Us with Mamafiza and Missy Farah.

I really adore those mothers, who were enjoying themselves in parenting their children, positively. They watch everything about their kids, from eating to sleeping to TV. And most importantly, the  milk is still a vital need even after weaning. A good milk will ensure our kids get the full milk nutrittion, not only for their bodies but also for their brains.

We went down at 1.00pm, after saying goodbye to all the crews. Then spent our time touring MidValley 😛

What a nice experience! Thank you Nuffnang, thank you Meadjohnson! Do invite us again next time! *wink wink.

If you are looking for suitable milk for your weaned toddlers or babies, you might want to consider Mead Johnson’s products. No matter how old the baby is, he still need a nutritious milk to drank! And we mothers would know best to choose what is best for them

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    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      salam Ummi Hanie,

      saja nak rasa pengalamannya hehehe. masa kat Miri dulu… duk jumpa rakan2 sekerja je hihihi

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      single mingle bersama anak hihihihi

      a ah foxy farah mmg sweeet sangat. macam candy gitu hihihi

  1. mama emma

    akak baru nak tanya this question, ‘x takut ke nnt ppl get confuse dgn prinsip lyna utk bfeed anak2 lyna’.. tp how funny that lyna mcm tau2 je soalan tu akan pop-up.. & u mention ‘usage’ this substitute milk after weaning session…

    soalan akak lintang pukang, tp rasanya u get what i mean rite??
    .-= mama emma´s last blog ..-TO WRITE HERE OR NOT- =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      i see…

      ramai yg ingat lepas bfeed dah terus stop susu walhal budak2 even org tua pun still kena minum susu. cuma pilihan susu apa bergantung la kan.

      nak terus bfeed ke, minum susu lembu yg dipasteur ke, susu soya ke, susu tin je… as long as masa baby-baby dah bfeed sampai weaning time yg sesuai. it’s not that under 2 YO je kena minum susu, in fact, Enfakid tu untuk 4 tahun ke atas. kot2 la anak setahun sorang ke kan selama 4 tahun berturut2..

  2. Salwa

    Amalan minum susu adalah amalan sepanjang hayat
    cuma yg herannya dalam masyarakat melayu especially, menganggap hanya kanak2 dan orang tua yg sakit dan ibu mengandung saja yg perlu minum susu.Jarang kita tgk golongan remaja yang menjadikan susu sebagai rutin.
    Errr…itu cik foxyfarah sangat cun lah 🙂
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    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      toksah kata remaja, yang baya2 kita ni pon kalau tak pregnant/brestfeed, ada nak minum susu?


    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      Nice to meet you too Mamafiza!

      You’re such adorable lady, not forgetting your cute lil babies, sungguh chumil!

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  4. Hanim

    Jennifer Hor was it? I met her for my antenatal class 🙂 It was a long time ago huh, anak pun dah besar hehehe.
    .-= Hanim´s last blog ..busy busy =-.

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