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This is not important nor relevance. But I can’t help myself thinking about titsy-bitsy things like this LOL.

What’s your favourite search engine? Is it Google?

What makes Google becomes the world hottest search engine?


Even, there’s a word, ‘googling’ to tell that we are searching information using Google. Why not ‘yahooing’, or ‘msning’, or ‘altavistaing’ or ‘asking’ and so on?

And we usually ask ‘Mr. Google’, ‘Dr. Google’, ‘Professor Google’, ‘Ustaz Google’ pun ada!

Google PageRank (PR) is more widely use than Yahoo Webrank.

Google is not only a search engine but it is the network circulation value creation model, where the value of Google.Inc depends on the traffic between networks, and it has lots of so-called branches like YouTube, Gmail, GTalk, Blogger, FeedBurner, Picasa and other applications, which generate billions of its revenue.

Google is also lubuk duit to some bloggers (not necessarily using Blogger.Com hosting) thru Adsense and some internet marketer via Adwords. Even, the pay per click (PPC) system it offers is more attractive than other search engines.

By having its search engine embedded in Firefox, Google gets almost 80million traffic per day. It is how many percent of the internet users? No wonder ramai orang jadi kaya just by doing Adsense (Why not me??).

image Google in my Firefox 

Now Google has its own social network, OpenSocial , which I heard is more powerful than FaceBook. Wah, FaceBook pun I’m not master lagi. Hopefully OpenSocial won’t be widely use in this region lah. Hehe. I have something to do with FB 😛

Tapi Google memang best. I think because it is using text-matching technique that will find web page yang kita nak cari. The PR will tell the relevancy (Mine still has PR zero). And its interface is clean and focus.

Google also has its own browser, Google Chrome and its own document application, the upcoming Office Google (like Ms Office), other than the web-based Google Docs.

With all the thing its ventures,  I think Google’s going to bring Microsoft down.

Do you prefer other than Google?

15 thoughts on “Google

  1. Azza

    saya memang pakai Google jerk kalau nak surf/cari sesuatu info. Kalau pakai search engine lain, macam lain macam pulak. rase macam x betul pun ade…hehe

  2. azhar

    satu lg best google ni utk blogger/webmaster ialah webmaster tools nyer, ada can la PR naik

    tp kene ada sitemap dlu

    utk create sitemap dkt blog wordpress, kene ada pluginnyer


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