Mampukah Google+ Menandingi FaceBook?

Another trial by Google :D Setakat ni FaceBook dikatakan medium social network terbesar lebih dari 750 juta pengguna yang aktif. Dan yang paling menarik, lebih kurang 700 bilion minit dihabiskan di FaceBook setiap bulan. Mana taknya, boleh kata semua 'benda' ada FaceBook, termasuk pemimpin, selebriti, kompeni besar-besar, dan macam2 benda boleh dibuat di FaceBook. Sebenarnya dah banyak kali Google cuba nak 'merampas takhta' social network no. 1 (btw there's no number 2 in social … [Read more...]



This is not important nor relevance. But I can’t help myself thinking about titsy-bitsy things like this LOL. What’s your favourite search engine? Is it Google? What makes Google becomes the world hottest search engine? Even, there’s a word, ‘googling’ to tell that we are searching information using Google. Why not ‘yahooing’, or ‘msning’, or ‘altavistaing’ or ‘asking’ and so on? And we usually ask ‘Mr. Google’, ‘Dr. Google’, ‘Professor Google’, ‘Ustaz Google’ pun ada! Google PageRank (PR) … [Read more...]

Sick Leave & Tag Compilation

this is my second week of sick leave. my gynae asked whether i wanted to stay in the hospital or at home. i choose home. huhuh. even if i have to endure the strong contraction every night and day. yes, it's contraction that everywoman will experience prior and during childbirth. i was 27 week then, examined to have UTI (urinary tract infection). i had it during Hafiy time, but after taking the medicine, it was OK but this time, seemed like nothing change, and it'd getting worse. hard to kill … [Read more...]