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Most of today’s parents love this new method of teaching babies (at least new in our region), flash card. I used to do this with Hafiy since he was a little baby until he knows to flash the cards by himself using iPod touch, huhu.

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When and how to start flash card with your baby?

The first keyword is ‘HAPPY’. We mothers and our children should be in happy state to start any learning activities. Never start if you’re not ready, upset, depress and so on. Else it will make you go out of your mind and start to blame yourself or your babies when they’re not giving very much cooperation.

Remember that we are not putting input into a computer, but nurturing our children with a good habit of learning. It doesn’t matter if he can’t recite the word or letter after 51 times of card-flashing. But the process is important.

However, how we should react/respond is not rigid to one style. As long as you are happy, you’ll find it really amusing even if your babies shows no significant act. (It’s still a baby after all).

If either you or your baby is under stress when doing the activity, please stop and find help. Education might be stressful but learning is not. Especially when we start it early. Is education and learning similar? I don’t think so. Education is more formal and systematically found when our children start schooling but learning starts at birth. As our babies learn how to suckle on their mothers’ breasts, it is how they should enjoy early learning.

Some basic of good learning/teaching:

  • Start early.
  • Teach when your child is happy. (And you’re happy too!)
  • Stop before your child want to stop.
  • Create a good and conducive learning environment. Don’t do it while the TV is on.
  • Trust and respect your child.

Make it a routine activity, just like eating, singing, playing together. Don’t do it because your friends are doing it and their children able to read at 3, so you want your child too. This might cause you stress and it might hurt if your child can’t read at what you want him to. Just enjoy the process/moment and let the child play his part, himself. Don’t ever do it just to please yourself to make you at the same level with others.

Enough with all the babbling.

You can make your own flashcard here, printable and definitely free!

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