DiGi Internet brings you the Pimp My Day Challenge

By | December 29, 2009

digi nuffnang

Am I still eligible to this kind challenge?

Anybody wanna make a team with me? Hehehe. Adakah…? Adakah..? Isk3x… Oh apakah bendanya ini ya?

Disebabkan mempunyai sedikit kelebihan Aura M jadi yuk kita copy paste saja dari website Nuffnang:

On the 9th of January 2010 will be a day you’ll never forget as DiGi brings you the DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge! It will be an on ground challenge where the winners will win 4 personalized laptops, external hard drives, routers, modems, headphones, thumb drives and many more!

The DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge is an on ground challenge which will require you to work in teams of 4 where you’ll be given clues and tasks to complete inside a shopping complex. The tasks will require you to search for information on ground and online at the same time. It will not be very difficult, but you’ll definitely need to work your brains a little to complete the tasks. The first 3 teams that complete all the tasks will win themselves;

1st prize – Personalized laptop + Speaker + Modem + Headphones
2nd prize – Router + External hard drive + Headphones + Modem
3rd prize – Modem + External hard drive

That’s right! The 4 bloggers from the winning team will each win a brand new laptop along with other prizes! The same goes for the second and third prize! Isn’t this great? The event will take place on;

Date: 9th January, 2009
Time: 4pm till late (there will be a night ‘partyyyyy’ as well)
Venue : Mardi Gras @ 1 Utama

Each team will be required to bring along the following items in order to complete their tasks;
– Laptop
– Camera (Video compatible)
– 3G Phone
– Cables (to transfer files)

As the DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge is an exclusive challenge we only have spaces for a total of 20 teams. Now if you want to be one of the 20 exclusive teams of bloggers taking part in this DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge, you’ll have to complete the following;

1. Team up! Find yourself 3 other Nuffnangers to take part in this challenge.
2. Send an email to digipimpmyday@nuffnang.com with the name of your team (make it as creative as possible), all 4 bloggers’ full name, email addresses and blog URLs.
3. In the same email, you’ll also be required to submit a video and/or photo of your team’s ‘War Cry’ telling why you wanna take part in “DiGi Internet Pimp My Day” in it. You can refer to the Nuffies team example below.

nuff teeam

Macam best jugak kan kalau ada geng. Tengok macam ala2 Team Building gitu. Mengikut firasat hamba pecal pacal yang pedas mulia ini, ala2 treasure hunt kot.

Takde nampak macam budak2 sangat & takde nampak macam makcik-makcik. Ala-ala ‘Adakah anda lebih bijak dari budak darjah 5’ pun tak ada.

I don’t see the prizes at the first place but, this could be a small blogger get-to-gather, perhaps? Nak tunggu Nuffnang invite for advertorial event, ontah bilooo kaaaahhhh.

Tapi…. Adakah sorang yang sudi nak bergeng dengan makcik yang sudah tua lagi tidak kool ini? Isk isk isk (kesian….)

*Arap2 adalah orang yang sudi, kot2 la kan bertuah mana la tahu. (kalo takde saya memang memalukan diri lalu akan pull back entry ni. Hwaaa). Kita masuk ramai2 form grup makcik2 je. Alah, kat shopping mall je macam tak biasa pulaks.

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10 thoughts on “DiGi Internet brings you the Pimp My Day Challenge

  1. mama emma®

    ala… mcm nak join gak…. requirement tu semua akak xde.. camne…

    teruja dgn hadiah tuuuuuu

    desperately need lappy/xternal harddisk rite now!!!!!
    .-= mama emma®´s last blog ..-NEED HELPS!!!- =-.

  2. sWeEtDaRLinG

    i have everything as per requirement… do msg me if interested k.. in case ada orang tarik ke apa.. still seeking for other group gak
    .-= sWeEtDaRLinG´s last blog ..Iklaneka Lagi… =-.

  3. alohamolly

    Ingat2 nak join…tapi…erm..haha dunno up to the challenge or not..now..wahaha…tapi drooling over the prizes haha…asking hubby nak join ke tidak lol since dia pun part of my blog team so considered nuffnanger tak ni?

    Haha..cos nampak suami lebih sesuai game2 macam ini..i rasa macam dah lama tak buat challenge macam ini..hohoho…getting old huh?

    Oh ya MommyLyna pergi tak even Nuffnang Friso Sabtu ini?

    Hope to see some familiar ppl there!

    .-= alohamolly´s last blog ..What is webhosting for me? =-.


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