Cara Merebus Kurma Merah (Red Dates) Yang Betul

Cara merebus kurma merah atau red dates ni ada saya kongsikan dengan ibu-ibu di KIM (Kumpulan Ibu-Ibu Menyusukan) - satu group di FaceBook. Rupanya ramai yang tak tahu ni.. (termasuk lah saya sebelum tahu ni, HiHi, thanks to Opah). Kurma merah yang direbus dengan longan kering adalah minuman asasi saya semasa pantang (thanks to Salwa yang mula2 beri red dates pada saya). Kalau time malas tu saya tak rebus2 dah, letak dalam tumbler pastu boh air panas, tutup sampaila air tu sejuk … [Read more...]

Hello World!

THE BIRTH STORY this real story is a bit contradict with Abi's version ;p actually, i didn't know it was labor. on the 4th, about 2pm, it was a yellowish thick mucus came out but only for once, and i tot it was only the usual discharge, but maybe slightly thicker. the next day about 4.30pm, light mucus+blood appeared, followed by strong backache like what i usually experience during mensturation. i called dr. awang telling him about what happen, he said, it usually takes 2-3 days for the first … [Read more...]

MommyA is a Mom NOW!!!

Announcing the arrival of a new member in our family, Hafiy MommyA succesfully deliver a baby boy weighted 3.3kg @ 12.01am this morning. download battlefield earth a saga of the year 3000 divx Feel the pain @ 8.45pm & text Dr Awang and her mom in law about the condition. @ 9.30pm decided to go hospital 10.30pm smpai Hospital Perdana by her aunty's Unser merah Straightaway masuk labour room, and Dr Awang pn baru sampai @ 11.15pm jalan dh bukak 6.0cm, and @ 12.01am, Hafiy selamat … [Read more...]