MommyA is a Mom NOW!!!

By | October 6, 2007

Announcing the arrival of a new member in our family, Hafiy

MommyA succesfully deliver a baby boy weighted 3.3kg @ 12.01am this morning.

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  • Feel the pain @ 8.45pm & text Dr Awang and her mom in law about the condition.
  • @ 9.30pm decided to go hospital
  • 10.30pm smpai Hospital Perdana by her aunty’s Unser merah
  • Straightaway masuk labour room, and Dr Awang pn baru sampai
  • @ 11.15pm jalan dh bukak 6.0cm, and
  • @ 12.01am, Hafiy selamat dilahirkan.

Tak dapat nk lahir on 13, sbb Hafiy nk join this upcoming raya. 🙂

Now AbiyH: Still in Miri

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I am a wife to a great husband. I am a proud mother of two adorable sons. I am a full time working at home mom (WAHM). I am breastfeeding my 3 sons, a daughter and looking forward to breastfeed my next babies. I like to share my pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting as well as travel experience cos every journey is unique. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* bundle of joys, Hafiy, Fahry, Danny & Irene.

19 thoughts on “MommyA is a Mom NOW!!!

  1. mOmmy of Triplets

    wah cepat tul update blog.
    would have thought u tgh tak cukup tgn to handle Hafiy, especially without hubby around.
    Congrats again!
    Welcome to Sleepness Nite, hihi

  2. Anonymous

    Hafiy pun nak sambut raya juga that’s lahir cepat! Alhamdulillah dua2 selamat. Tahniah to the parents. Nampak mcm tak la lama sgt2 u kena tahan sakit. Nampak mcm agak mudah. Syukur bagusla kan. I ada baca citer org2 lain n experience diorg xla semudah ni. Nway tak sabar nk baca d real story from the mommy n of course nk tgk baby! 🙂


  3. Sayuti

    ni sah bukan alom yang apdet ni. kalu dia apdet mmg saspek ah.

    tahniah alom n wak. slamat menjalani fasa seterusnya – menjadik parents.

    from sayut n erynn.

  4. bAiTi

    TAHNIAH, lina + anuar..!!!

    Terkejut bila bukak blog ni, tahu2 dah bersalin.. 🙂 alhamdulillah, mudah semuanya.

    Hafiy x sabar nk sambut raya ek?..


    Take care Lina..

  5. Yatie


    nampaknya beraya ngan Hafiy la tahun nieh ye.. tahniah again .. take care ..:))

  6. ct

    puan ct lina,

    congrates… just another 6 days apart… so, take care…

  7. JazzScraps

    Alhamdulillah dah selamat bersalin…tahniah to both new parents!!

    Salam dari Brunei….Kak Jazz 😉

  8. K ina

    sitilina n hubby…
    congratulations on the newborn, Hafiy. Enjoy the blessings of a child…it is the most wonderful experience you could ever ask for…:-)

  9. Ibu Emir

    Congrats Along and welcome to the world HAFIY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ainul

    alhamdulillah..tahniah buat kaklina and hubby!!mesti comel kan baby tu..tak sabar saye nak tgk..mestila baby nak beraya ngan mommy die, that’s why kuar awal!
    slamat hari raya..dah lengkap famili kaklina sekarang ni!!

  11. wan

    Tahniah sangat sangat (walaupun wish lambat sikit)

    Sempat baby beraya dgn mummy.. utk temankan mummy sebab Abi takder..

  12. Irwan

    Congratulation SitiLina and Anuar (pelik pulak rasanya aku panggil ko anuar).. Semoga menjadi ibubapa yg terbaik ok.. Make sure the baby comel sentiasa as WCK (as ur hubby what WCK stands for.. LOL)

  13. Miriam

    Thanks, Riles.When Regina pushed Cora truhogh the mirror, I was absolutely sure she was sending Cora to Wonderland (to become the future Queen of Hearts). But then the ending when Cora showed up in Emma and Mary M’s pit threw me for a loop and made me doubt that Cora had really gone to Wonderland after all. But I think you’re on to something. Maybe she did go first to Wonderland and then somehow made her way (or was taken) to FTL later on.I think Storybrooke Regina was sincere, at least for a moment, in wanting to renounce magic, become a better person, and do the right thing for Henry. At first, when she was telling Henry to go with David, I thought it was a trick. But then when she almost burned the book and then changed her mind that all seemed real. I agree with you that it’s an addiction and she will inevitably relapse. But, at the same time, she really does not want to become like her mother even though she already has. So there’s an interesting tension there.


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