Bila Bayi Kena Thrush/Candidiasis, Ibunya Pun Kena Sama

By | October 19, 2009

Fahry’s thrush was about to disappear dah. Dah takde putih2 kat lidah dia, after few days applying the medication. Dia pun dah makin berselera makan.

On Saturday we had family gathering + BBQ at Atok C-Kin’s place. Actually Saturday was very pack. We jog at Lembah Kiara, had breaskfast roti boom at The Original Kayu Dataran Sunway, lunch at Embah Mian’s, tea break at Park Avenue and dinner at Atok C-Kin’s. It was very nice, just the same openhouse menus at Johorean houses – nasi beriani & soto 😛

On the next morning, I felt my boob sangat2 sakit & keras. It was a very extreme engorgement, until you can feel it was so keras like batu and very the berdenyut2. I thought it was because the boys didn’t suckle from the right side one, so I tried to pump the milk out. I tried with my beloved Medele Freestyle, but nothing was actually came out. Heran? Memang! It was never happens!

I tried again with my Avent ISIS Uno. Still the same thing. Nothing came out.

I told Abiy that I was having a big problem. I was thinking about mastitis and other breast related disease (oh not the breast cancer, naudzubillah).

Abiy immediately brought me to Prince Court Medical Center while I was busy SMS-ing several friends and LCs like Mokcik Farah Sarakids, Kak Fid, Kak Zatul, Kak Syida and sape lagi la dah lupe rasa macam ramai je 😀

The MO inspected my boob and she gave me an appointment with the Breast Specialist. She prescribed me with painkiller (ponstant) and a nursing cream. It was so sakit and berdenyut2, so after breakfast I took the painkiller.

Mokcik Farah suggested me to see Dr. Koe, the Paed cum LC at Old Klang Road, but I thought the clinic was close la, cos I called from 9-11, nobody answered. She suggested that I berjangkit with Fahry and kena thrush juga.

Kak Syida and Kak Zatul suggested to tuam with tuala rendam air panas & pump. I tried until my boob got reddish 😀 the output wasn’t so memberangsangkan. Not even 10ml pun but OK lah, at least it helps to reduce the soreness. Kak Zatul called me and suggested the same thing as Farah’s.

Tok Ma suggested to put cabbage and use comb to massage the boob.

Tapi, dalam2 sakit pun sempat lagi pergi open house my friend at Putrakaya Putrajaya and met Lin@Mama Qaisara and Liza Lydzar 😀 Was so surprised when my name was called and tak sangka it was Lin. But tak dapat sembang cos she was about to leave and we were just arrived. Lydzar pula met inside the house (It was a funny incident, read my comment at Lydzar’ blog).

In the evening pulak we had a walk at Desa Parkcity while buying a bike for Hafiy.

Back to the breast/nipple thrush, what I face was:

  • Pain, during nursing and after nursing.
  • Burning sensation that radiated through the breast.
  • Reddish and sorenipple.

When the baby gets thrush, it is actually a sign that the nursing mother has it too. But I was so ignorant that time and langusng forget that I might be infected too. So I didn’t do anything to prevent or at least control the infection, maybe by applying some cream like lanolin.

What I did to ease the swelling and sore breast:

  • Tuam kain sejuk to reduce the pain, tuam kain panas and pump.
  • Ask the boys to suckle from the affected breast.
  • Try to soft massage.

When goes to the doctor, usually the doctor will precsribe antibiotic.

What will the Breast Specialist do? We’ll see tomorrow 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Bila Bayi Kena Thrush/Candidiasis, Ibunya Pun Kena Sama

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      kalu baby dah kena thrush tu kena start berjaga2. apply krim, cuci niple lepas nursing, kalo selalu leaking, tukar breastpad/bra frequently supaya kulat tu tak kena kita pula.

  1. arnie

    From my experience, Breast specialist pasti akan concern about our Bs, rather than the milk inside. Lebih2 lagi if he’s not Pro-BF.

    Saya dah rasa “sakit” yg Lyna raser tue, dan dah selamat kena “incision & drainage”. Take care!
    .-= arnie´s last blog ..Ariani Member SALE!!! =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      itula main concern bila membabitkan breast ni kan. silap2 jumpe yg tak pro-BF, disuruhnya stop BF.

      luckily Breast Specialist I met is very2 supportive. she even tak prescribe apa2 ubat sebab takut effect pada susu. hehe. nak buat other test pun dia tunggu bila dah tak BF. bilakah itu? hua hua hua~

      alhamdulillah mine dah OK sikit, riso jugak kalo kene incision.. uhuk

  2. lin

    hi mommylyna, hahaha..sori smlm sampai terjerit2 panggil nama…nasib baikla awak toleh..klu tak, malu..taktau nk sorok muke kt mana…kena lari dok kt baganla psl segan..hahaha..

    patutla nmpk mula cm tak sihat..awak pn sakit sama eh..hopefully tak kritikalla ye…
    .-= lin´s last blog ..semalam yg kecoh =-.

  3. farah sarakids

    mu panggil aku mokcik sedangkan yang lain kak.. nmpk mcm ku dah tua je ye..

    anyway mild thrush can just be treated with nystatin or lanolin cream. And Insyaallah, pain akan hilang and everything will be ok. candida is just a normal flora so with antifungal cream pun dah ok, unless ada severe symptoms lain yang memerlukan mu amik antibiotik… mak aii.. dah kuar dah microbiology.. (kata dulu lecturer microb, hahahaha)

    take care and get well soon, aunty!
    .-= farah sarakids´s last blog ..Are we prepared? =-.


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