Wait for The Launching of iPad Touch This March

By | January 28, 2010

Abiy is looking for a bigger screen iPod touch-like thingy for Hafiy since he likes to ‘play and learn’ with iPod, which is rather smaller. We were thinking about a small netbook, but too pricey lah for a little boy. Gile kan. Better buy me one hahaha. Kids laptop? It’s too not diverge in function.

Now Apple is launching its new iPad touch. This is not iPad with iPen. iPad is a tablet PC and it said to be laid between iPod/iPhone and MacBook. iPad touch must be a cool thing, now it is one hot stuff in the USA before entering world market in March.

iPad is slightly bigger than iPhone (of course) with 0.5 inch in thick, 9.7 inch touch screen, 1.5 pounds in weights, like iPhone it has 16GB and up to 64GB flash storage… WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as A4 chip. A4 chip that installed in iPad is very powerful that gives it 10 hours battery life for a single charge.

iPad is more to a big scaled iPhone (from my point if view) than a mini-laptop. I still need a laptop. Hehe.

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7 thoughts on “Wait for The Launching of iPad Touch This March

  1. Salwa

    i pun buat entry ipad gak…tak perasan sifu dah post
    kang org kata tiru lak
    mujo ku dalam BM

    sue : harga starting from usd499 lepas conversion ikut nilai currency skrg lebih kurg rm1746.5..sgt affordable la..kalu tgk video ipad ni mmg cayaq…tergoda nafsu kata org..hehehe
    .-= Salwa´s last blog ..iPad : Komputer tablet seakan iPhone =-.

  2. MQ

    haa..my hubby pon mengidam iPad ni..come to think of it, harganya tak de la semahal mana, phone biasa pon org buleh beli sampai 2-3k, yg ni lagi byk kegunaan..tapi tu la if only duit jatuh dari langit..huhu..
    .-= MQ´s last blog ..So Proud.. =-.

  3. Mama-Miya

    i teringin nak ada, tp i have a strong feeling we should wait a year or 2. so let other ppl pakai & face problems dulu. nnt bila dah kluar version new & improved, br beli. just like iphone masa mula2 kluar tu la. dulu memacam gak hal, now laterst version dah best giler.

    we all dok gelak baca joke, now ada ipad, ipad with wings, ipad nightsafe, itempon.
    .-= Mama-Miya´s last blog ..Importance of Breastfeeding to the Mother (Part 2) =-.


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