The Day I Thought I Was Losing My Unborn Baby

By | November 30, 2010

My husband complaint that his ‘kidney’ (somewhere around his back down to his waist, inside) was so in pain. He even couldn’t get up on Friday night. It worried me, since he’s the only tower of my strength. He even couldn’t carry Fahry (whose prosthesis was turn into parts), so I had to take care of everything in the house. My parents came on Friday, so we outsource the house chores and baby-sitting things 🙂

Hi’s condition getting worse on Saturday. My parent went to Shah Alam to visit my brother but husband couldn’t even sit up properly. So we decided to go to the clinic, but none was opened T_T  I asked him to go to Prince Court Medical Centre but we afraid of he might be admitted, so we postponed the visit. At least until my family left to our hometown that evening.

He was a sweet paper tiger though 😀 We we in tenterhook because we had no idea what was happen to him. He was afraid of kidney stone of something to do with his kidney. We even thought of cancer T_T To the extent that my husband was too worry to death if it was a serious thing.

We went to the Prince Court’s ER on Sunday morning. The medical officer said he predicted it was something wrong with my husband’s kidney since the painful area was particularly on the left kidney. To  make a long story short, the MO did blood test and it shown no indication of severe infection. How now, brown cow? So he gave an appointment for further check up the next day and prescribed husband with some medication, especially painkiller.

The result kicked up his heels a bit, but it was a conspiracy of silence in our house. I was so busy thinking about my husband while attending the kids, until midnight when both of them fell asleep, I felt something weird. I didn’t feel any movement in my tummy, as far as I could remember, not even since that morning. I tried to poke him but it was no reflects. I told hubby that our baby wasn’t moving. So we decided to go to the hospital together the next day.

I should go to Putrajaya for the department team building on Monday and Tuesday. But since my husband’s health condition, I canceled my participation. Who would take care of the kids while he couldn’t even move his own body. So on Monday morning, he went to the ER and myself to Woman & Child Clinic.

When I told the nurses that my baby hadn’t move since yesterday, they said I should come ‘yesterday’ T_T

My gynae wasn’t in that morning, so the nurse put me on CTG machine to check baby’s heartbeat. I downed me in the dump when we heard nothing. Silence. I waited until little beep presence, and it was very low. The nurse told me many times to stay calm and hopefully baby was still alive. It scared me to death but deep in my heart, if that’s for us then I am willing to accept. When Dr Seri Suniza, my gynae couldn’t’ come, I was attended by another gynae, Dr Tan Niap Hong. He was the one who did detail scan on me the previous fortnight. He put the doppler on my tummy and heard nothing.

But he said maybe because I was only 23 week pregnant, so baby was too small to be detected using CTG machine nor the doppler. He then arranged for ultrasound.

I went to the same room I was in last 2 weeks, with a hope that baby would be born in 4 months time, not now. Alive and kicking. Hubby was still downstairs . I laid down on the bed beside the sonogram and Dr Tan started to do the procedures.

The first thing I saw was his heartbeat. HE’S ALIVE! And he moved his fingers a little. It was the nicest thing I ever seen, after thinking that I might losing him.

Maybe he as inactive due to the uphadyl I took to relieve my cough. I had a severe cough for more than a week, been drinking honey everyday but nothing change. So I decided to take the uphadyl for expectorant as prescribed by the doctor. Even I only took it once a day. Dr Tan advised me to stop taking the cough syrup, so I should find traditional remedy to stop the coughing. It was so bad that I had to wear Poise (anybody want to send me cloth pantyliners as a babyshower gift? LOL) all the time. He gave me a day sick leave to get rest and wait for the baby’s movement to come back. He advised next time if I had the same situation, I should go to the hospital immediately.

I went to hubby and he said nothing found in his kidney, even they checked the whole abdomen and bladder. Everything was clear. We went home and I had a good, long sleep. (Couldn’t sleep for many days due to coughing especially at nights).

This pregnancy drives me down and out. But it’s nothing new under the sun, since I faced almost the same situation before (almost losing a baby) so take this a force to me to reckoned with 🙂 Hoyeah!

Alhamdulillah syukur nikmat.


20 thoughts on “The Day I Thought I Was Losing My Unborn Baby

  1. lydzar

    fuhhh mencabar jugak nih! alhamdulillah baby sihat je kt dalam tu

    lyna, cuba try petua kicap+air perahan limau kasturi plak..ada post kt my blog sbb aritu pon batuk sampai kena pakai pantiliner jugak hari2..almost 2 weeks. alhamdulillah petua tu serasi bagi kami anak beranak..tak salah mencuba kan

    get well soon
    lydzar´s menulis tentang ..@Felda Chini 4- Pekan Pahang Darul MakmurMy Profile

  2. Asiah Abd Jalil

    Along, Sah pun pernah lalui apa yang Along rasa ni. Husband naik ketumbuhan besar kat leher dia. Doktor buat biopsy, takut possibility cancer. Masa tu Sah baru bersalin anak ketiga. Dah la Sah takde qualification, tak bekerja. Sepanjang tunggu keputusan biopsy tu memang takut memanjang. Husband punya health memang deteriorated betul waktu tu.

    Pengalaman rasa “takut” tulah yang buatkan Sah decided nak sambung belajar. At least kalau jadi apa-apa, Sah boleh berdikari dan ambil tanggung jawab jaga keluarga dan anak-anak. Lepas tu terus nekad untuk ada degree dan ada kerjaya.

    Time pregnancy memang immune system kita lemah sikit. Sah pun selalu batuk teruk, especially masa second trimester. Doktor memang prescribe cough syrup. Memang perasan, after taking cough syrup tu baby agak inactive. Tapi rasanya kalau doktor tu tahu yang kita pregnant, dia akan bagi ubat jenis lain.

    Have a safe journey ahead. Moga selamat sampai minggu ke-40! 🙂

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      mmg sgt2 gabra bila melibatkan husband. tup2 pagi td tgk dlm Metro ada berita suami meninggal ditimpa tunggul pokok lepas hantar isterinya kerja.. sgt sedih tgk gambar tu. smg Allah temukan mereka semula di syurga nanti T_T

      dr kasik ubat batuk utk pregnant, maybe sebab risau sgt, risaukan husband lg, penat lg, so semua campur aduk sekali. hahaha

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      uhuhu oghe sapa sero nok ambik cuti tanpa gaji jah hahahaha

  3. Yaati Nor

    Alhamdulillah semua selamat..Harap baby kuar dengan sihat dan jayanya bila tiba masa sebenarnya nnt..Seram je baca tadi..hhuhu..take care..

  4. amirah

    alhamdulillah everthing is ok. Harap semuanya ok for the next few months. Dan harap semuanya selamat. yes, better try alternative remedy.
    amirah´s menulis tentang ..Not wellMy Profile

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      rupa2nya minum honey sahaja, mungkin tak berkesan kot? so semalam beli lemon pulak 😀

  5. Normaliza

    Saya duk dup dap dup dap baca entri ni. Terlebih emo..hehe. Alhamdulillah semua ok.. 🙂

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      alhamdulillah hari ni dia sudah kembali seperti tabiat biasa 🙂

  6. Juju

    Masa i pregnant dulu pon batuk teruk sebulan smp kena admit and pakai nebulizer, tp rupanya sbb acid reflux. Patutla ubat batuk berkoyan2 ngn segala petua2 traditional x jln. Pastu doc bg ubat yg betul, terus elok batuk. Try google severe cough acid reflux. Kot2 simptom yg sama.


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