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Sakit Sebagai Kifarah Dosa

Malam tadi saya tertidur awal, kepenatan barangkali. Bangun pula terlewat. Pagi2 dah rasa tak sedap badan, tapi pergi juga ke pejabat, dengan tanggapan perasaan biasa, morning sickness. Lagipun saya ada 2 mesyuarat yang perlu dihadiri. Dalam mesyuarat jabatan, saya tak dapat bertahan lama, akhirnya ke klinik dan mendapat cuti sakit. Dalam keadaan begitu memandu pulang… Read More »

When I Remember When

it seems like a blink. love in the afternoon free download download prague duet divx human nature from this single cell… plus this single cell… .. become this dirty rotten scoundrels free what a miracle! it takes only 38 weeks from two single cells which the biggest one is only about 0.006inch, a dot big,… Read More »

No More Honeymoon

i waited until half way to write about this very trimester. now i can declare that 2nd trimester is really my honeymoon period. even sometimes i didn’t feel like pregnant at all! with that bumpy tummy i still could run, & even jump. sometimes in the morning when i woke up i touch my belly… Read More »

7 weeks embryo

look, your tail is started to shorten. look at your hands.. your webbed fingers become visible this week. you have a tiny elbow and your heart is the biggest organ now. land of the dead dvdrip freedom writers divx online download cinderella dvd you liver is busy producing red blood cell and your pancreas is… Read More »