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iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro Mini Review

Wow, tanpa disedari saya memiliki hampir kesemua (kalau tak separuh) gadjet-gadjet keluaran Apple (walaupun MacBook dah tinggal arwah). Tanpa disedari.. disebabkan saya bukanlah seorang penggemar gadjet or even tertunggu2 any new models. I got the iPod touch from my work at home income. And it was a gift to my husband actually. Read about it… Read More »

iPhone 3Gs/iPod Touch Benefit to My Children Early Education

I wasn’t ambil pusing about iPod Touch before Abiy got his brand new iPhone 3Gs. I even didn’t care about his obsession towards Apple. But after Abiy has iPhone, he handed the iPod back to me, LOL. Buruk sikuuuu. I started to explore what’s inside iPod Touch (and iPhone as well, as both have the… Read More »

Maxis iPhone 3G Review: Is it Worth Your Money?

This review is based on our experience of using iPod Touch 2G together with Nokia E71 and N95. You might be wondering what these two Nokia cell phones have to do with Maxis iPhone 3G in Malaysia. Keep on reading to know its relationship… As you know, iPod Touch is the same as iPhone without… Read More »