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iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro Mini Review

Wow, tanpa disedari saya memiliki hampir kesemua (kalau tak separuh) gadjet-gadjet keluaran Apple (walaupun MacBook dah tinggal arwah). Tanpa disedari.. disebabkan saya bukanlah seorang penggemar gadjet or even tertunggu2 any new models. I got the iPod touch from my work at home income. And it was a gift to my husband actually. Read about it… Read More »

Terima Kasih MAXIS!

Dulu2…. 010 adalah Art900, 012 adalah Maxis, 013 adalah TM/Celcom, 014 tekan-tekan tak dapat. Sekarang, 010 ke 012 ke 014 ke 016 ke 01apa-apa sekalipun adalah tidak dapat dipastikan apakah service providernya. Dulu saya mendaftar dengan Maxis, mengambil plan 75 dan menjadi supplementary kepada Abiy. Seperti yang diketahui (takde sapa yang tahu pun sebenarnya, hahaha)… Read More »

Maxis iPhone 3G Review: Is it Worth Your Money?

This review is based on our experience of using iPod Touch 2G together with Nokia E71 and N95. You might be wondering what these two Nokia cell phones have to do with Maxis iPhone 3G in Malaysia. Keep on reading to know its relationship… As you know, iPod Touch is the same as iPhone without… Read More »

iPod Touch With Mommy Cash

I never bought Abiy anything, without he knowing it, since our financial management system makes me almost impossible to get something for Abiy secretly. Even, on his birthday pun I couldn’t give him any surprise. 2 days ago, Abiy told me that he teringin to have an iPod Touch. I thought he was just ‘cakap… Read More »