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Nuffnang Malaysia Bagus? Terbaik? Are They?

Remember my entry about Nuffnang vs. Innity? Innity was my choice for local ads company to generate money from this blog, since I had NOTHING came from Nuffnang for 6 months (or more). Innity gave me good payout, due to it high CPC rate, sometimes they had more than RM1 per click, compared to Nuffnang,… Read More »

Innity vs Nuffnang – Mana Paling Untung?

Innity vs Nuffnang ni antara dilemma that I faced untuk blog MySuperKids. On one side, I like Nuffnang for all its event & freebies since business model Nuffnang pun mengutamakan konsep community. On the other side, I feel Nuffnang don’t do justice bila cheque yang diberi kurang berbaloi berbanding traffic that I gave them all… Read More »