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“kenapa jadi macam tu?”“gynae tak detect ke?”“tak cukup zat ke?”“maybe banyak sangat travel?”etc. etc. etc. download love sex dvd the answer is, we don’t know. even the gynaes, the paeds pun couldn’t give the exact answer. but they wrote in the report as ‘IN UTERO INFECTION’. what cause it? we don’t know. from the lab… Read More »

Mommy & Hypotension

having slightly low blood pressure (BP) is not new to me. since i was in primary school, i couldn’t barely standing still for more than 5 minutes. i always faint during perbarisan, and sometimes even during nasyid competition. huh. the worst experience was during my internship, i was bicycling in the gas plant with an… Read More »

Our Current Weight – 51kg!

princess diaries the download free see that? i am very happy with the latest condition of ours. most importantly, the slight bullish trend in our gained-weight is during the transition phase of 2-weeks-and-a-half vacation. should i call it a transition phase? i gained weight, and i was able to cook! ruthless people download free another… Read More »

22 week fetus

download police academy 5 assignment miami beach online say now is honeymoon stage of pregnancy. i think, maybe… however i’m still feel uneasy with Miri food. this morning i threw out all kuetiow made in cafetaria. lucky i could finish a plate of nasi + ayam goreng at selera melayu. thanks selera melayu! we had… Read More »


some friends of mine, most of them are moms to be and just mommies usually have a common question to me “have you scan your baby?”. then i say “yes, i do it everymonth but why?”. some of them say “i am not doing it regularly. maybe next 1/2 months i’ll doing it”. nacho libre… Read More »