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On Daily Trip – Being Preggy is Not A Limit

it has been a week with no new entry from Mommy. it was a long, busy week. meddlesome office jobs, and dealing with early pregnancy fatigue, i need more sleep! when i decided to make a daytrip to KL on 4th July, it was somehow brought up debates, among my friends and even Abiy. Abiy… Read More »

My Emotion

reading other moms-to-be writings i feel so lucky and fortunate. seems like mood swing is something common during pregnancy. someone (it’s many actually) wrote that in a minute she can be very happy but another minute she changes to either very sad or very angry or etc. i used to wait for such feelings to… Read More »

My Morning Everytime Sickness

during my second month of pregnancy, i started to feel something funny in myself. didn’t i tell you that i was having a severe morning everytime sickness? i tot i never tell you about the reasons. yeah, it’s about hormonal changes, but do you know what is it? nah, i’m sure you don’t. when my… Read More »

My Pregnancy Journey up to 4th Month

i dont face any weird experience during my early pregnancy, except the fatiguingly morning everytime sickness (still have it now). i dont have weird dream (as i notice many moms-to-be have this), i dont have ‘allergy’ to anything or any smell (except nasi… weeekkk!!!), i dont look ‘big’ to Abi (except my tummy part), my… Read More »

craving for fastfood

my early pregnancy was very challenging. i didn’t like food i would have everyday. even worse, i couldn’t cook. i couldn’t smell the aroma of nasik especially the cafe one. eeeieiiiii~~~ (rasa nak termuntah plak). as stated, i loved pizza and other fasfoods.. (i could finish 3 slices, usually one slice full already+ the soup… Read More »