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How to Install Blog in Your New Hosting

After purchasing your own domain and hosting, now is the time to start blogging. I’ll share on installing WordPress since we are using WordPress. There are two ways to install WordPress blog on your hosting. The easiest way would be installing wordpress using Fantastico on your Cpanel. The only setback would be, you won’t get… Read More »

My Miracles

it has been a week since i left Hafiy with Tok Ma in KL. rindu??? mana boleh tak!!! everynite Mami kene tengok gamba2 Hafiy. pastu call Hafiy (ni Hafiy request, if tak, Hafiy tak senang duduk). since then, Adik started to move very actively (before this like lazy2 je). Mommy noticed that when we’re with… Read More »

A Trip to Sibu

this time Mommy came back to Miri without Hafiy, so Abiy dengan gumbiranya mengajak pergi jalan-jalan Sibu. maklumlah Mami tak pernah sampai. nak ke Kuching jauh sangat. Sibu town is about 5 hours driving from Miri. ia terletak tengah-tengah, between Miri and Kuching. if Sibu pun dah 5 hours, so Kuching??? oh itu mau naik… Read More »