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we would like to thanks to everybody, for your supports and helps.. and definitely for the friendships you launched for our family. last holiday download buat yang menulis tentang Fahry di blog masing-masing, we really appreciate it! thank you so much for your concerned.may ALLAH blesses everyone and give you all the best things in… Read More »

My Miracles

it has been a week since i left Hafiy with Tok Ma in KL. rindu??? mana boleh tak!!! everynite Mami kene tengok gamba2 Hafiy. pastu call Hafiy (ni Hafiy request, if tak, Hafiy tak senang duduk). since then, Adik started to move very actively (before this like lazy2 je). Mommy noticed that when we’re with… Read More »

Best Bet For Our Money

once i was approached by somebody promoting insurance policy. what attracts me was “if you buy this policy, even if you have a small cut on your finger, you’ll be protected. and if you cant afford to pay the full premium, you can choose half or a quarter” i just said “thanks, i dont think… Read More »