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How to Get To Sarakids

If you still don’t know, Sarakids is a boutique for babies and breastfeeding moms, and also a breastfeeding support centre, owned by Puan Farah Farhan. It is located at TTDI Jaya, not the one in front of One Utama, but in Shah Alam. Many are do not know where TTDI Jaya is (including me!). Last… Read More »

And The Winner Is….

so sorry for the long due.  here is the result of The Best Nursing Cover. Pemilihan pemenang dibuat berdasarkan undi di blog masing-masing, undi di MySuperKids & markah dari Chantek2. Keputusan akhir dibuat oleh pihak yang mengendalikan hadiah untuk mengelakkan bias.. 😛 drumroll….~~~ First Prize farah Second Prize Ummi Khayra Third Prize Hanz Congratulation! For… Read More »

It's MSK Get-2-Gather. Again! At Sarakids Open Day!

**this is a sticky post. my latest entry is in the teaser boxes below this entry ** Phew~ Remember I mentioned about Family Day to gather blogger families after the previous MSK Get-2-Gather? I never expect the time will come very shortly. (But this is not Family Day la, can we call it Get-2-Gather V… Read More »

Best Nursing Wear – Vote For Them!

Finally Breastfeeding Desire With My Super Kids and Chantek-Chantek is over. So now is the time to vote for the winner! Remember we have 3 prizes to give away… I’m not gonna publish a voting poll for this one, instead the voter should write down their vote in this entry’s comment box. Just write down… Read More »

Breastfeeding Celebrities

I think this is not uncommon now. Everybody talks about breastfeeding, including this city of angel’s babes. Definitely because they are breastfeeding… Charlotte Church I can’t imagine not breastfeeding. I’m not going to preach about it, but it’s better for the baby and the mother, and it’s such a bonding thing as well. I think… Read More »