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Apakah Pilihan Breast Pump (Pam Susu) Terbaik Untuk Ibu Bekerja?

Ia adalah pam susu, bukan pam buah dada. Rupanya ada sejenis breast pump untuk membesarkan buah dada, bukan untuk mengeluarkan susu. Hehe. Memang satu perkara normal dan agak wajib bagi ibu bekerja yang merancang untuk exclusive/full BF tercari2 breast pump (pam susu). Dan soalan2 seperti “Kau pakai pam apa?”, “Pam apa paling bagus?” itu memang… Read More »

Mistakes and Misconception in Handling EBM (Expressed Breast Milk)

**Based on experience and observation. For SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) this could be no problem, since most of the time, a SAHM would direct breastfeed her babies, but for working moms, it is a vital to follow the right handling method for EBM, for it is not easy to manage and need to be prepared very carefully.… Read More »

The Art of Tandem Nursing

Hafiy and Fahry have been tandem nursed for almost 3 months now, alhamdulillah. We don’t face any difficulty, and every second is definitely enjoyable. I got some ‘funny’ remarks about tandem nursing. I’d like to share ’em here.. no offense 😉 …When the elder drinks from Mommy, the little one won’t get enough milk for… Read More »

On Solids, Puasa & Fever

Mommy initially wanted to exclusive breastfeed (with no solids & no other liquid) until you’re a year old. but Abiy would like it to be a bit later. Abiy, as possible as it can be want you to be breastfed exclusively (with no solids/other liquids) for 2 years. but it’s seem like we have to… Read More »

7 Habits of A Highly Effective Nursing Mom

mula2 sekali Mami tukar paradigma pemikiran kepada “SAYA BOLEH!” walaupun ramai org2 keliling kita yg gagal. so what? ramai orang pegi audition AF ok tp berapa belas orang je yg bole masuk [hehe, apsal bg contoh AF plak ni]. tapi dalam konsep ni, macam rezeki ALlah la.. bukan one cake for all tapi setiap orang… Read More »