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Fahry and His Fruit Diet

Unlike Hafiy, Fahry loves his new food very much. Hafiy still love to be contented with my breastmilk, even until today. As I started with mashed avocado for Fahry, now gradually I add and change to other kind of fruits. I tried to give him blended pear but he refused. So I played this trick:… Read More »

Salary Adjustment – How to Know if You Deserve Salary Jump?

It’s normal for us to complaint how low our salary is; especially when we know our friends (in other companies of the same business) get higher paycheck. This happens to our bibik also, as she compares her salary with bibik jiran sebelah. However, how you can justify with your bos/employer that you (and your other… Read More »

Kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur – Which One is The Best?

I am thinking of sending Hafiy to kindergarten or nursery while Bibik is going home next month. We have Taman Pendidikan Adna, just selang 2-3 rumah from ours, Q-Dees at the other side of the road, Smart Reader Kids near the main road and many many other kindergartens and nurseries. It is not that I’m… Read More »

Menangani Anak ‘Nakal’, Aktif Dan Agresif

Di Miri dulu, Hafiy memang ramah orangnya dan kalau kami bawa dia ke KRP, dia sangat suka bermain dengan budak2 lain kat sana. Mostly anak-anak orang Shell lah. Tak kira lah budak tu Indian ke Chinese ke Iban ke semua Hafiy pegi main. Hafiy and friends. Tapi biasanya budak-budak besar je layan dia, sebab budak-budak… Read More »

Mommy's Role in This Financial Crisis

Are we in recession? Yet? I don’t know. I heard the ministers said we’re still safe LOL. But there are factories reduce their production. There are factories had total shut down. There are factories even close operation. Is it a sign of stability and prosperity? Recession affects people differently. Economic meltdown makes some people lose… Read More »

New Year Brothers

Hafiy: Continue breastfeeding. Yay! Actually he never stop. He was supplemented with FM for 1 and a half month, but he still hung on Mommy’s B… Getting cheekier. He likes to sengih-sengih like kerang busuk especially when Uncle Ady & Cik Da are here. He’ll hand us our handphone with a sign “Take my picture,… Read More »

Hafiy's Fine Motor Activity

download lethal weapon 3 being a one-year old boy is a very exciting moment for Hafiy. as now he can mobilise himself, he likes to go anywhere in the house, especially to the kitchen and upstairs, finding Mommy. he undergoes a huge change, from crawling to walking/running, and perhaps, many things those were in his… Read More »

Playtime with Hafiy

in the living room “Hafiy give me the XXX* (XXX=anything he holds), please”(Hafiy passes the XXX) download hard as nails movie “Thank you, I love you!” (kiss) “Hafiy look how i toss this” (tossing any object)(Hafiy tries, but usually instead of tossing, he slamming it down).“look how i’m doing it” (keep on tossing)(Hafiy keeps on… Read More »