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Hafiy’s First Day to Nursery and Update on Sarakids Mini Open Day

Bibik went back to Indonesia for a month holiday, since last Saturday and I decided to send Hafiy to the taska nearby, named Taman Pendidikan Adna. It’s just selang 2-3 rumah aje. I wasn’t that particular to choose this nursery, e.g. have to be playschool, or doing this and that activities, as long as it… Read More »

How To Prevent H1N1 – Better Safe Than Sorry

Aunty Fid texted me via GTalk yesterday morning telling that ke 7th case of influenza-A H1N1 is someone who just came back from Australia. Right now, Tok Ma, Aunty Fatin & Uncle Muhd, all are in the Kangaroo land! Uncle Muhd went to Perth while Tok Ma and Aunty Fatin to Gold Coast. Horrible kan.… Read More »

Stargazing On The Perfect Handbag

  Handbag is a woman’s best friend. Agree? Some of us (especially me!) maybe do not care about what type of handbag we are shouldering, as long as it is a bag! For mothers, usually we opt for a bigger bag, either tote bag or backpack, for the purpose of filling it with our children’s… Read More »