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Cos I Couldn't Feel Your Pain…

yesterday afternoon when Abiy went to the hospital, Fahry was crying, his diapers wet and his dressing was dropping off.

my heart torn into pieces when Abiy said “kesian Fahry, dressing dia tercabut, bila dia aktif tunjal2 kaki, kena alas tidur dia tu… dia nangis. sakit agaknya”.

Paed and the Orthopedic Surgeon was very positive to bring him to OT however, Anaestatic still says no. i don’t ask them directly but from Aunty Munirah i got that, for preemie, they tend to ‘forget to breathe’. so after being shuting down, most of the time they’ll forget to wake up and breath. sounds terrible, huh. Aunty Munirah even suggested me to

Before I Breastfeed…

before my baby was born, i always love to share my dream with other moms : to breastfeed my baby. the most popular responds i got was like… “tak payahla breastfeed, susah. leceh nak kena pam2, nak handle lagi leceh”“ko keje, mana boleh nak breastfeed”“mengarut je. ko kan kene outstation selalu. nak wat cemana tu?”“susah… Read More »