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Menjawab Persoalan Anak Dengan Pintar Agar Anak Menjadi Pintar

Semalam Mommy bersama-sama Fahry berborak-borak tentang masalah dunia.. Tiba-tiba perhatian Fahry berpusat pada kedua kakinya. Dia memegang kaki kiri dan kemudian memandang ke belah kanan (yang tiada kaki). Berkali-kali. -Sebenarnya dari 2 minggu lepas Fahry dah mula pegang kaki-. Mommy berasa tersentuh. Adakah Fahry sedang bertanya kepada dirinya sendiri “Kenapa kakiku tak sama antara satu… Read More »

MSK @ Sarakids Mini Open Day

It was a great day! Congratulations to Farah & Sarakids crew! I won’t cover the event since it is already have full coverage by most of the pink ladies. It wasn’t easy to organize an event, even a small one, especially when it is involves many parties. To make everyone satisfied is impossible, but believe… Read More »

Old Town White Coffee and Kopitiams

I was craving for kopitiam. I used to have breakfast at Nasi Lemak Tanglin with arwah Tok Pa and Abiy, and have a cup of tea from a ‘kopitiam’ that in the same complex. I’m not sure it is because of the taste, or because of the experience drinking in such that unique cup, making… Read More »

Crayola Art Studio That Makes Hafiy Occupied

I was a bit skeptical about lots of toys for my babies. They don’t have toys except a few. And cars those Abiy bought at Shell station for RM8. It actually reflects to my childhood, I didn’t have much toys, what I remember was a plastic gun and a little teddy bear. I didn’t have dolls, and… Read More »

Property Investment First Criteria is NOT Location, Location, Location…

Azizi Ali, Renesial Leong, Juanita Chin and other famous property gurus will tell you that property investment first criteria will always be location, location, location. Though I’m definitely not one of those gurus (Yet? HaHa!), I’ll be the first to say location is NOT the ultimate answer to Malaysian property investment. Instead, your target market… Read More »

Happy 27th Birthday Mommy!

I didn’t receive any birthday wish except from beloved Abiy. Thank you dear! (Usually my mother would call to wish me happy birthday. Thank you Mak for giving birth to a very beautiful creature like me. You’re the best lah!) No birthday wish because my handphone’s battery is flat. The charger was left in the office.… Read More »

Get-2-Gather Gather!

Oh it’s just around the corner! Tak sabar tunggu Ahad.  Before the event started, I would like to thank to these people for their sweet contribution:    1. All MSK Get-2-Gather & Potluck pals, including yang tak tersenarai (sorry P-Na, my streamyx buat hal larrr) for your extraordinary support!    2. Yaya for the cute… Read More »

Fahry dan Aisyah – Di Sebalik Gambar

During our final week in Miri, we utilised the time to visit some friends, beside the ‘farewell party’ kat rumah. Dua malam before departed, we went to Uncle Din’s house. His new daughter, belum sempat tengok lagi. Aisyah nama dia. Wah, Ayat-Ayat Cinta OK, Fahry-Aisyah! Tapi yang tak bestnya sepanjang² kat rumah Uncle Din &… Read More »

How To Prevent H1N1 – Better Safe Than Sorry

Aunty Fid texted me via GTalk yesterday morning telling that ke 7th case of influenza-A H1N1 is someone who just came back from Australia. Right now, Tok Ma, Aunty Fatin & Uncle Muhd, all are in the Kangaroo land! Uncle Muhd went to Perth while Tok Ma and Aunty Fatin to Gold Coast. Horrible kan.… Read More »

Can Trouble Two Be Fun?

Oh nooooo! Hafiy is going to be a 20 months old toddler in a week! And in 4 months time he’ll be 2! I’m really not ready hahaha. Hafiy is still my little baby duck. In fact, he is. He still wants me to carry him of I am not carrying Fahry. And of course… Read More »

Kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur – Which One is The Best?

I am thinking of sending Hafiy to kindergarten or nursery while Bibik is going home next month. We have Taman Pendidikan Adna, just selang 2-3 rumah from ours, Q-Dees at the other side of the road, Smart Reader Kids near the main road and many many other kindergartens and nurseries. It is not that I’m… Read More »

We’re Gonna Miss You Very Much

Last week, I got a call from HR office, telling that they’re processing my application to get transferred to KL. And Abiy’s name is already in KL office, but still KIV on which department he’ll be in. Alhamdulillah.. Finally our status could be almost confirmed – soon to be in KL. As I always said,… Read More »

Let’s Celebrate Earth Hour 2009

To be honest, everytime watching this commercial, harus my heart rasa sayu semacam. Oh memang, I’m a bit sensitive on things related to the Earth, universe, country, state, etc. Patriotik agaknya. Today I got this email from Abiy: Actually, when watching the commercial tu, my jiwa memang berkobar-kobar untuk menyahut seruan WWF (it’s World Wide… Read More »