Slipped Disk & Tulang Belakang Bengkok

by admin on October 23, 2009 · 45 comments

I went to Twin Towers Medical Centre (TTMC) the other to get a referral letter cos I want to see a specialist to check about my continuous backache that I suffered since Hafiy was born. It’s disturb me a lot, although it is still bearable but enough to give me pain even when I am sitting.

The doctor of TTMC prepared a letter to see Orthopedist and Spine Surgeon of Prince Court Medical Centre, Dr. Deepak and I made an appointment to see him the next day.

The appointment was around 3pm but I was a bit late due to the very heavy rain.

I only managed to see Dr. Deepak after a hour waiting. He asked me about my family history of ankilosing spondilitis and any history of falling down. Hmm… it was a lot la, especially during my school days. And I even fell down from a hammock that made me suffered for weeks (but I never went to any hospital then, was very2 young and afraid of being scolded by Mom so diam2 aje..).

He checked my backbone by pressing on some parts. He suspected that I am having problem with some of my spine’s component.

I was sent to radiology department for an x-ray. However I had to undergo urine pregnancy test for I didn’t have my menses since May last year.

It was negative! :P

I went to the x-ray room with all my clothes taken off. Eheh. Pakai baju hospital daaaa…

The x-ray shown that I am having a slight tulang belakang bengkok, one of my disk ‘gone’, and 2 slots of my spine lost their alignment. Serious ke? I’m not sure. The doctor nampak takde perasaan je, miahaha.

I was scheduled to an MRI (to confirm if I am having slipped disk) and physiotherapy sessions.

Slipped disk is when your absorbing pads between your bones goes rupture or loss. It is not a ‘disk’ actually, it is something like jelly, or rawan.. something like that lah. Usually you can have slipped disk when you have experience some trauma that involve your backbone, i.e. terjatuh belakang or bontot. When your body fall down, it might cause your disk to injure and leak. Consequently it will make it shrink.

In my case, my L5 disk was no more in service. Dr. Deepak suspected it is an effect from jatuh2 long time ago.

He prescribed me with a ‘drink’ to bring back the ‘rawan’ and some patches to be put on my back.

However, this won’t stop me from my daily activities, especially working. It is just cause me to have frequent back ache (which is disturbance) and just need to do some exercises.

If you’re having backache, try to consult your doctor. Who knows down there is something hidden.

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