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By | June 23, 2008
it happened in a day! last week, he was still under my armpit. still nangis2 mintak Mami dokong. still majuk2 taknak makan kalo Mami taknak suap mamam. still malas nak crawl. still taknak buat itu ini kalo Mami tak join sama…

but today… he’s so different! Hafiy tiba2 ‘lari’ dari Mami. Hafiy crawl panjat ‘tangga’ setingkat tu. pegi main2 kat weight scale Mami, pegi dapur, panjat tangga naik atas (sampai Bibik jerit2 takut jatuh), pegi kat playmat, main2 buai (nak berlatih buai adik?), korek kotak mainan cari toys, main toy sorang2, belek book Mami sorang2, bukak tutup almari… before this.. NEVER!!! sampai Mami cakap kat Hafiy “Hafiy pegila main2 sana.. explore situ..masuk sini..” but the best place is under ketiak Mami jugak.

lagi, tiba2 Hafiy suka mamam sendiri (marah kalo Bibik nak suapkan, siap buang dulu pastu amik sendiri). tp since Hafiy sembelit terus last week (oh thanks to the fresh grapes!), Mami dah disallow Hafiy makan bubur lagi. balik kepada buah semula. Bibik complaining about not giving Hafiy bubur. “nanti perut tak bole belajar digest” la, “nanti Hafiy tak pandai makan la..” ape2 ajelah Bibik oi.

Mami told Abiy on the phone about the sudden changes, Abiy macam tak caya. biar betul… it’s too sudden! oh adakah ini perangai biasa budak2 yg nak dapat adik…

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but one thing, Hafiy’s still a berat mulut ones. it’s hard to hear any word from him unless “arrgghhhhh!”, “eeekkkkk”…, “mama” pun dah jarang keluar. ah, no big deal la. baru 8 bulan je, bukan 8 tahun dah pun.

about the pregnancy, and the tandem nursing, so far so good… but i really hope that i am MORE THAN 2 months! cos i dont want to face morning sickness (now still no significant MS)… 😀 oh i still remember during Hafiy time, i couldn’t eat for 4 months… lembik je… hopefully adik Hafiy (hmm we have to list down some names) ia easier than last time, and allow me to tandem nurse. insya-Allah.

during Hafiy time, we already called him ‘Hafiy’ since we knew it was a boy. and we wish to call adik Hafiy by ‘it’s’ name lah.

oh talking about name, i like to share some tips for choosing baby name:

1. religion
as Muslims, it shouldn’t necessarily naming our child in Arabic, but it MUST be a good name, with good meaning. however, for most of us (Malaysian Muslim), Arabic name is somewhat a choice, easier and it is ‘recognized’ as a name. (between Bunga and Zahrah, i bet 90% will go for Zahrah – at least before Bunga Cinta Lestary becomes popular)

2. gender
sometimes i like the blurry line between the name of specific gender. like Firdaus, it can be girl or boy. but the ‘obvious’ girl name, shouldn’t be named to a boy right? or is there any boy named ‘Siti’?

3. memories
even if the name sounds good, it shouldn’t be same with ex-BF or GF or ex-fiance… oh my..

4. the meaning
this is the thing that is really important. shouldn’t look at how sweet the name is, but the meaning is bad. give them a good name with good meaning, and it will be a doa for the rest of their lives.

5. honor
this is not common in our region, i guess. we don’t have Mohd Ali Muda, Mohd Ali Muda 2, etc. for us it is more related to somebody who’s really a somebody like Muhammad (Rasulullah), Abu Bakar, Umar, Humaira’, Hawa’ etc.

6. nickname
for single-word or 2 sukukata might be easy to nickname, like Hafiy, Adam, Ali, Ain, Sarah.. parents might have their own nickname for longer name’s children, but what their friend’s gonna call them is something good to consider.

7. easy to live with
remember that our kids have to live with their name forever, even after their death. give them good names, and i guess should be not too long cos they have to write/type it on everypiece of exam paper… huhuhu

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8. unique
name is given to identify and distinguish each individuals. if everyone has the same name, then what is the function of naming?

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“Sesungguhnya kamu dipanggil pada Hari Kiamat dengan nama-nama kamu dan nama-nama bapa kamu, dari itu elokkanlah nama-nama kamu.”
(HR Abu Daud & Ahmad)

Hafiy Al-Fateh is named before Muhammad Al-Fateh, the Constantinople conquerer. Hafiy means Kind & Affectionate (one of nama gelar Nabi Muhammad SAW) and Al-Fateh means The Opener.

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saya sedang cuba buka almari TV. saya tension sebab xbole bukak luas2, saya nak main dengan decoder Astro yg ada lampu tu. apsal pintu almari ni asik tertutup je kalo saya lepas???

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