Indonesian Maid in Malaysian Family Become National Agenda

By | July 6, 2009

When Indonesian maid abused by employer recently Malaysian government seems to over-react by enforcing one-day leave requirement in a week out of nowhere. Though there might be reasons behind it, most employers seem to disagree with such sudden move. I’m one of them.

My question is simple, how by giving one day weekend to them can reduce the risk of being abused? It doesn’t seem to solve neither symptom nor root causes in any angles at all!

There must be various reasons why ‘certain’ maid been abused or punish by ‘certain’ employer like what we discover from media. Though what we heard can be due to the employer try to release some stress to her maid, the truth can be far from it.

Remember this, media is nothing more than just speculators that tend to twist some facts to make it more sensational & commercial when they couldn’t come up with the full story fast enough.

What if the employer did that because her Indonesian maid:

1.    hit her child like crazy when she left alone with the kid? There are cases where the owner record such acts using their hidden camera in their living room when they off to work. This can happen especially if you have a small kid that is so spoiled and keep on crying NON-STOP when you were away.

2.    stole her jewellery worth tens of thousands even if she had locked the room? Guess what, this is very-very normal upon listening real cases after cases from my closed friends. The latest one I heard was that particular maid hide those stolen jewellery in the cake just before she plan to ‘tapau’ the cake to her kampung.

3.    brought in boyfriend to your room and have sex with air-cond switched-on? This might be little bit rare cases but it happened. If it happens indeed, you are living with potential HIV parasites. Though it can’t be transmitted by regular ‘touch’, blood transmission to your bleeding kids can bring harm!

4.   not doing her job as she should. I have a friend whose maid- when she came back home from work -is well sleeping while the house was like a broken ship. Her baby was left alone playing in a messy living room. Let alone taking the baby out (without permission) to the neighbour’s house to have chat with the neighbour’s maid. Worse, leaving the baby alone in the house while the maid goes out to meet somebody God knows who for the whole day.

One thing about being Malaysian is that we tolerate too much to a point that when things went wrong all the blame befall us despite all the good things we did (hope am wrong).

Sometimes make me little bit disappointed when Indonesian government demand some explanation; we tend to be nervous unnecessarily and “say sorry” without trying to defend at all.

What about those Indonesian that create social problems like above mentioned? Is sending them back to their country is good enough?

Or, should we at least highlight it in public media about it so that it can get some attention too?

I’m not saying all Indonesian maid posses any one of above habits or attitude; of which the same assumption should be held when bad things happened to the maid because of the employer misbehavior.

However, the problem is media won’t show to the public how some very good employer treat her maid like family like give her handphone for easy communication, bring along in fine diner at hotels or restaurants, have holiday & cinema together or even giving thousands of ringgits to reduce her burden of their loan from the loan shark!

I know we are living in negative world but come on… some positive ions is all it needs to neutralize the negative sentiment.

Keep on highlighting how bad other Malaysian employee in newspaper will definitely bring more harm than good. Its so natural for Indonesian government to respond “No More Indonesian Maid in Malaysia” when they saw cases after cases their own people beaten up.

For me, the real reasons for such maid abuse can be due to mismatch in employer & employee expectation. It’s just like you get an offer letter from a hospital asking you to serve as a surgeon but then when you signed-up 2-years contract, your boss give you a toilet brush.

This is where the role of agent is very-very critical.

When we first decided to bring in maid in our home, we communicated with our so called agent what is our expectation. The agent then will try to understand ‘who are we’ and ‘what the maid will be’ so that when he went back to Indonesia, he will try to look for suitable candidate.

Upon several candidates that he had, he chose one with the most credentials. And before bringing in her here, he explained what kind of people are we (good engineer? Haha), what are our expectations (take care of our babies) and the risk involved (be patient when the kids crying all day long).

The idea is for the maid to make up her mind if the job is suitable.

However, due to greedy maid agent (both countries) nowadays, most employers end up taking extra risk by taking any maids without proper preparation. Worse, there are agents that make some back-door agreement with the maid to runaway after the confirmation period; promising them other better jobs if they did that. Worst, the employer can’t claim back the deposit on top of jewellery been stolen already.

Putting that in perspective, the maid will be the innocent victim and the employer will be the scapegoat when something goes wrong over-and-over again while the agent laughing all their way to the bank.

If we don’t stop this, the same situation will occur at the same frequency in the future, just like it happened in the past.

Putting such agreement in black and white upon signing the contract might help I guess. Better if both government further regulate these maid-agent business to reduce (if not avoid) such occurrence.

What you think?

52 thoughts on “Indonesian Maid in Malaysian Family Become National Agenda

  1. mama emma

    ala, x kisah bangsa ape.. kalau dlm hati tu dah hitam, jd hitam la jugak org tu…

    tp dlm kes akak, org melayu kita yg jaga kami… xde la kes lari ikut jantan lain, or curi duit mak akak, or pukul2 kami nie.. alhamdulillah semua ‘kakak2’ yg jaga kami baik2 semuanya.. tp adakah sbb depa nie mai dr kaw yg x brp nak mbangun (takut nak sebut kg, sbb la nie pun kg dah kalah town), depa x tau ape2 sgt?

    .-= mama emma´s last blog ..-KEDAICHOMEL GIVEAWAY- =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      tu la kak. yg penting hati.

      tapi agak bengang kan bila orang buat jahat kat kita, kita but derk je, tapi bila time kita yang terbuat jahat kat dia, habis segala benda dia ungkit & ‘bapak’ kita pegi plak mintak maaf dgn orang tu. padahal anak orang tu dah rogol famili kita!

      bengang tak!

  2. azzamoro

    sebab tu jangan bagi muka & percaya sangat dengan maid ni. Hati kena ada juga rasa was-was. Kadang depan kita baik, belakang kite bukan main.

    p/s saya jenis tak kisah if dia nak rehat & take a nap if semua kerja dia dah siapkan. huhu

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      hmm betul tu. ramai yang macam tu, tak payah jadi maid pun huhu.

      hehe maid saya ada time nap everyday 2 kali hahaha. dia kene nap sbb nak tidokan hafiy.

  3. mamaadib

    mak yang bercita-cita nak amik maid bulan 10 ni dah mati cita

    banyak songeh itu kerajaan indon. cam yg ko list laaaa, apa pekerja dia BAGUS sangat.

    kes penderaan keatas maid indon less than 10% tp di havoc cam kita ni teruk sangat.

    ku rasa kes depa buat hal dgn majikan lagi banyak dari tu.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      yang tak pahamnya yang dok kat atas nu haaaaa. tau la korang tak pakai maid indon. cuba korang pakai sekali tengok. hehe.

  4. Liz

    ada maid yg selamba tido dlm bilik boss. dia x sangka bos nak blk rumah time lunch break.

    ada maid yg selamba baring layan sinetron dan biarkan anak bos main sorang-sorang. padahal ada keje nak kena buat kat dapur.

    ada maid yg selamba tinggalkan anak bos sorang-sorang sampaikan budak tu nak terjatuh dari sofa sbb main panjat-panjat (makciknya la yg tlg selamatkan.. seb baik makcik dia baru sampai rumah).

    senang cite, xyah la pakai maid.

    rasa kerajaan Indonesia mcm berlagak la bila xnak hantar rakyat mereka jadi maid kat sini. kalau diorg larang pun, ramai je rakyat diorg tu masuk secara haram utk cari kerja kat sini. dah la masuk secara haram, pastu nak demand lak!
    .-= Liz´s last blog ..MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in CAR SEAT Contest =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      yang berlagak satu hal, yang tak reti nak defend tu ape jadah kan?


  5. aryanie

    bg saya laaa banyak yg buruk drpd yg baik klau ade maid ni.. klau ikut pengalaman my sist die dh tukar 3 maid..
    1. xtau buat kerja, malas la..
    2. check wallet die, die simpan gmbr my bro in law..(nk wt pe??, fikir la sendiri.
    3. pandai melawan sbb die dh lama keje sini..

    skrg die dh xde maid, lg senang…..
    .-= aryanie´s last blog ..jln2 tukar selera =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      eh gila ape simpan gamba laki orang???

      yang camtu tak rasa nak dera ke? aduyaiii. bengongnye! kalo maid i wat camtu sah2 time2 tu jugak i pegi tinggal dia sorang2 kat klia, pandai2 la ko nak buat apa.

  6. mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE

    mmg i rase its unfair..maid yg kena dera satu dua jer out of berapa puluh ribu of maids yg ade…if ikut kan percentage tak sampai 1%.

    padahal we as employee have to deal with whole lots of crap from them…

    tak pikir masalah yg dibuat oleh those indonesian yg pecah umah, yg merompak and ade gak yg membunuh…percentage diorang buat dajal bukan ker lagi byk dpd maid kena dera…asal tu tak kecoh pulak embassy indonesia, rakyat die buat gejala2 macam tu.

    tak pikir ker…if we stop taking their people from working here…brapa byk rakyat diorang hilang keja…and continue living in poverty at their own country
    .-= mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE´s last blog ..Invitation? =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      can i spell … L.E.M.B.I.K.

      hmm tahla. maybe orang kita byk benda lain naik pikir dari masalah2 sosial yg dibawak puak2 tu. then bila kene tembak balik, kita dah lupe dah bab2 masalah yg derang buat tu.

  7. Along

    Depa nak tahan raktay depa mai sini carik keje? Makin banyak la tongkang haram yg berlabuh kat sini nanti…kita patut buat apa? Tembak depa supaya jangan datang? Tangkap masuk lokap, bagi sebat?

    Like the rest said, yg kena dera tu, berapa kerat je…dibesar2kan cerita…org2 dia yg buat perangai, depa x pk…

    Along sekarang ni dah masuk 4 maid…alhamdulillah, #1, #2 ok…tapi dek kena tipu dengan agen, kena hantar balik…menangis maid tu nak pulang sebab dah sygkan anak2 saya…yg #3 saya dpt, hmmm…dah le tua, pemalas lak tu…setahun je kekal..yg #4 ni, alhamdulillah…sangat bagus…kami org pun anggap macam famili..bercuti pun bwk sekali…minta2 lama la dia ngan kami…
    .-= Along´s last blog ..ABC Blog Tag =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      betul sangat. expect lah nanti PATI makin ramai.

      alhamdulillah dapat maid yang baik. maid kami pun anggap macam famili. so far so good. balik kampung ke pegi shopping ke dinner ke semua bawak.

  8. UmmiKhayra

    Salam Mommy Lyna,

    Sokong.. apa yang mommy lyna cakap tu semua saya sokong.. Sebab tu la, me n hubby memang tak nak maid langsung. Takpela dari menyesakkan kepala memikir kan kerenah diorang. Kalau dapat yang baik, alhamdulillah.. tp kalau dapat yang “KO” huhuhuhu… saya ni dah la tak pandai sikit nak bg2 arahan bagai.. mau jugak maid tu yang pijak kepala… 😛
    .-= UmmiKhayra´s last blog ..~ Happy 10 Months Khayra ~ =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      salam UmmiKhayra,

      hehe orang kata better safe than sorry 😀

  9. salwa

    issue maid kena dera ni menyebabkan org Malaysia dikutuk habi2an oleh rakyat indon, siap panggil Malaysian as malingsial..kalu intai forum indon/their blogs, mmg teruk malaysia kena kutuk siap kutuk org melayu Islam kat malaysia
    pastu indon pulak pi stopkan hantar maid, nasib baru2 ni gomen announce yg takpe la kalu indon nak stop hantar maid coz kita ada option lain.walaupun awal2 dulu gomen ada mrayu gak suh jgn stopkan.
    pastu masuk pulak kes manoharta claim tengku k*lan*an dera dia..lagi la org indon kata Malaysia, pastu ditambah dgn isu maid kena dera tu..menggambarkan seolah2 malaysia teruk sgt
    media M’sia ni tahan lg.kalu media indon lg perosak bangsa, ntah citer2 sampah pun diorg publish..
    anyway i am echo to Lyna
    very well said dear

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      kenapa tak ada yang boleh bela nasib kita ya?

      jadi timun pulak. digelek luka, menggelek pun luka.

  10. aidie

    as an employer we have to treat the maid as human jugak. ada time dia perlu rest. we have to give n take but in controlled way. jgn bagi muka sangat sampai dia pijak kepala. if she needs a break or cuti, kita bagi je la..kita keje 5 hari seminggu pun nak cuti gak kan..

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      betul tu. diorang pun manusia perlukan some pause in their life. nak jugak rehat2 lepak2. macam kita pun, nak jugak cuti2, bonus, etc.

      sekarang our maid in a month vacation balik Indon.

      weekend kami mmg bawak dia berjalan. apa restroran kami masuk, itu jugak yg dia bedal. semua amik full set.

  11. fid la tajuk diskusi ptd PAC ari tu

    i mmg tak suka depa dapat cuti
    kes wat sex kat bilik majikan..
    maid makcik saya ada sekor buat gitu
    sial gila…muka mcm baik tapi….pompuan jalang..wak jantan..sib baik nyonya belakang rumah tu kepochi….
    dia bg tau….soo…berguna juga le ada kepoci dekat rumah kita haha
    .-= fid´s last blog ..mago no te =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      bagusnya nyonya tu. susah nak cari sekarang jiran cemtu kan. masing2 nak wat hal masing2 je hehe

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      kat sini macam ada jugak agent yg claim ada training2 bagai. tapi pelik juga bila banyak jugak komplen maid tak pandai buat kerja. apa yg derang train agaknya ya?

  12. nadnye

    Setuju sangat dengan apa yang Lyna tulis tu.. kadang2 nak baik sangat pun tak boleh… yang selalu ada kes dengan bukan m4layu..
    Yang tipu banyak agen2…Yang jadi mangsa majikan… Yang media nie -ve jea dia tulis, Yang +ve banyak tak tulis….
    Kalau report polis pun takde action taken…. nanti dia tanya ada curi apa? Kalau takde kes jenayah bukan urusan depa…
    Yang jadi mangsa majikan juga… entah la ..

    Gomen kata ambik maid sekarang bayar RM4500.00 jea depa tak tahu ker ? Dulu aku ambik, 5 TAHUN LEPAS pun bayar RM4,000.00 sekarang nie RM6800- RM8000 TAH2 LEBIH…. FEE bertambah, orangnya macam tu juga….. kata jea training itu ini, kata jea bawak naik flight tapi kapal juga…

    Kalau tak bergantung kat orang luar lagi bagus, train local Maid atau nama best skit Pengurus Rumah kalau bayar RM800.00 pun at least takde nak lari… yang datang pagi, balik petang.
    Buka nursey yang best dalam office….
    Daripada bagi org luar nie RM800.00-RM1,000.00 sebulan …. pekerja kilang MSIA pun tak tinggi camtu

    Masalahnya cuma angan-anganku sahaja… belum jadi kenyataan..
    .-= nadnye´s last blog ..Kedai Chomel Giveaway… =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      ataupun naikkan gaji para suami supaya para isteri tak payah kerja, duk rumah jaga anak je, hehe. bole tak camtu?


      angan2 juga ku ni…

  13. farah

    ermmm setelah baca entri ni..berpuluh2 kali pk nak ke taknak amik maid ni…mcm byk menyusahkan dr menyenangkan je…tp kalau dapat yang jujur dan baik tu mmg bonus la sgt2..
    .-= farah´s last blog ..Kedai Chomel Giveaway~~ =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      kena solat hajat banyak2 mintak maid yang baik 🙂

  14. Elyn

    bile berkisah kan maid, hati ni mcm terbakar je….. ikut kan dh x mo amik maid tp mengenangkan MIL sorang2 jaga anak…… so kene gak la mencari.
    .-= Elyn´s last blog ..Jom!! =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      rasanya sebab derang bukan datang sini nak jadi maid. maybe datang nak jadi boss?

  15. ibu damia


    saya baru singgah sini, just nak kongsi cerite maid ni…betul maid ni x leh bg muka sangat, lama2 dia pijak kepala kita, saya dah ader pengalaman 3 maid

    yang 1, punyalah rajin dan pandai buat kerja, memang perfect. kita pun x berkira ngan dia, keluarga kita semua syg dia….last2 boleh lak dia curi duit raya anak saya…sempat tahan 1 thn then terus hantar balik

    yang 2, umur 29 (x kahwin lg), ader ke patut guest dtg rumah, dia naik atas baca majalah, mandi berjam2, main ngan budak x pandai, then ader sekali saya tegur dia, dia ambik kerusi nak pukul saya. masa tu saya tgh pregnant 6 month n dukung anak first, hubby nampak terus lempang maid tu, sempat 1 week jer, then terus hantar balai polis

    yang ader sekarang, ok la, tapi slow sikit buat kerja, then selalu lupa apa yg kita suruh buat, was2 juga kalau tinggal anak nak pi kerja, tapi selalu pantau guna 3G n rumah ader alarm…. so far x tahu nak ckp apa, as long anak2 saya selamat, sihat n x der apa2, saya bolehlah ignore kesalahan sikit2 tu………tawakal jer la….
    .-= ibu damia´s last blog ..Relaxing @ Clark Hatch =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      salam ibu damia,

      wah yg tahannya maid no 2 tu. berani dia angkat kerusi nak pukul majikan. or memang dia tak expect pun kije jadi maid? nak jadi bouncer kot? hehe.

      demi anak2, benda yg sikit2 kita butakan mata je lah kan..

  16. isabelle

    kita pun setuju dgn farah…
    makin berbelah bagi rasanya nak amik maid.

    kalau bukak je topik psl maid dgn colleagues, mcm2 citer kuar.
    my auntie pernah ada maid yg dah 30tahun keje dgn dia…last year baru hntr balik. tu pun sbb dia sakit.
    setakat yg i kenal, mmg dia baik.

    tapi, dah balik sana..baru kuar citer..rupa2nya 2×5 je.
    dpn my auntie & her family, pijak badak pun x mati!

    duhhh…camna ye?
    .-= isabelle´s last blog ..Calling Daddy’s Dearest winners =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      30tahun keje? wah lamanya! mesti maid tu memang betul2 pijak badak tak mati hehehe.

  17. coachsha

    Good point – Malaysians (especially orang kita) are sooooooo tolerable…up to the point when we speak with Indon maids, siap tukar slang Indon lagi tu. Shouldn’t they try to follow our accent instead?

    I have a helper (sorry, don’t really like the term maid) from Cambodia. What a ‘fresher’ alternative to Indonesians. Cabarannya: 1. proses to get one very sloooooooooooow
    2. language problem (unless you take Malay-Champa. Mine is Khmer).
    3. first timer – no previous banyakkan sabar!

    Another route is to take our sisters from Pattani. Life for Muslims are really tough there.

    To ‘monitor’ my helper especially bila travel dan kena tinggal anak-anak di hotel I take part-time NANNY. University students (graduates pun ada) to tutor and play with my kids.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      yeszza! tapi kita memang akan suka follow orang punya accent kan? if orang Japan datang rumah kitapun, kita yg belajar Japanese. if kita ke sana pun, kita belajar Japanese.

      oh idea bagus tu take part time nanny. hmm bole dipropose pada ketua rumah di masa depan

      oh ye, mesti maid coach dah terer speaking sekarang kan?

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author


      meme gongggg molek bibik k yah tu. tp mujurlah selamat belako..

  18. Mek Ayu aka Masayu

    Hmm, saya pernah 2 kali ada maid indon, tapi masa keje tu sy pantau n bagi 2 bulan keje sebelum confirm nak ambil, menakutkan.

    Selalunya saya balik buat sport chek, sekali tu best je menyembang dengan maid sebelah rumah, arif baru 8 bulan dok main tgh panas.. angin satu badan.

    Satu kes lagi, di sebabkan berebut remote control ngan Hakim
    sebab nk tgk citer indon kt astro,,

    Saya balik, hakim masih pakai baju tidur dok menangis, masih merah mata, berak semua belum masih ngan pampers tak bertukar,
    menitik air mata saya. Alasannya sebab hakim nk tgk cerita astro, tapi dia tak bagi, padahalnya dia yg nak tengok.

    lepas dua maid indon, saya serik amik maid dari sana kira black list terus.
    .-= Mek Ayu aka Masayu´s last blog ..Digimon bertukar menjadi… (trade mark kartun digimon) =-.

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      kenapa orang kita taknak jadi Bibik eh? tak glemer kot kan. gaji kecik. takleh nak boifren2 & ronggeng malam2.


  19. fid

    sebab kita tak komersialkan….
    kita kena buat pusat asuhan ajar maid macam mana konon indon buat itu…bg certificate…tak bagi gaji 2 bulan sbb potong kos kursus….gaji rm500 cukup la..sbb operator ilang pun gaji rm500-600 ja
    jadi maid takyah nak pk nak beli ikan…jkerja kilang kena pk..jadi maid majikan bg makan…
    kerja kilang majikan kedekut..hahahaaaa

    pada pandanan saya….
    jika kita kemoersialkan industri ini, kita dah takyah nak ambik maid dr negara2 lain..buang duit saja!
    .-= fid´s last blog ..apa itu duit??? =-.

  20. Hanz

    I tak mau amik Maid, nanti tambah pening kepala…biarlah bersusah-payah ngan keadaan skarang….lambat-laun anak2 akan besar & boleh take care diri sendiri…banyak cerita maid yg ngeri i dapat…hambar jadi hati nak ber-maid.Kalau nak ber-maid jugak, tunggulah dah tukar status WAHM. (Amin!)
    .-= Hanz´s last blog ..I am SO sickly in LOVE with Vampire(s) & Werewolf =-.

  21. ummuabdullahsyaakir

    Salam mommy,rasa takut pulak tengok keadaan maid kat msia skrg.Dlu tak pun mcmni.Adakah kerajaan Msia terlalu penyayang smpikan ngara kita skrg dah pnuh dgn org2 dari negara mreka?

    Bila dah mcmni rsa takut nak ada maid..eem baik jaga ank sndri
    .-= ummuabdullahsyaakir´s last blog ..Ku coming back.. ^_^ =-.

  22. ain

    point #4

    nasib baik dulu mama saya just hired local maid
    rm400 per month
    mama kje, abah kerja kt kapal
    mama yg byk jaga kami adik-beradik
    sbb tu mama terpaksa upah maid

    ok la dorg wat kje bila mama ad
    tp bila mama xde kt rumah dorg amek kesempatan
    suro saya and my siblings kemas rumah
    cubit le, pukul if they were’nt statisfied
    i’m really hate those old ladies
    my mama give them a job
    but they not responsible with their duty

    one day, i’m waiting for the van that pick me to the tuition center
    the maid ordered me to clean the floor
    wash the uniform
    scolded me
    lucky me, suddenly the van arrived
    i am safe

    i know, a girl should learn to do housework
    but… they are paid for the works rite?

    they did use my mama’s make up
    shampoo, talcum powder , the cosmetics… even me are not allowed to touch

    ada maid tu, housewife
    x pandai masak
    dh kawin pun xreti masak
    mama yg lg muda, ada career lg pandai masak
    so, a kid like me thought cooking is a hard task

    bila saya dh 12 thn, mama tak hired maid lagi
    what a relief
    tak sangka buat kerja sendiri senang je
    do laundry
    take care of my siblings
    saya dh boleh preapare breakfast sendiri at the time
    my schoolmates surprise and praise me 🙂

    now i am 20
    degree student
    my lecturer give a task about foreign maid
    i google and found this page
    two thumbs up!

    mommy lynna
    your daughter… so cute!
    so adorable
    [i guess my comment is the longest one :P]

  23. mama Z

    pening pala biler pk nk ambik maid.. hati btol2 berbelah bagi.. tp memandangkan x smpai ati nk tinggalkn anak kecik 4 bln asyik dok ngn mak kt kpg, terpaksa la jugak..plan nk ambik dr pattani.. entah ler ok ker tak..arap2 ok..ader aper2 tips tak nk tau maid kiter nih “ok” lebey ker “auta” lebey?…plz suggest sesapa yg dh der experience how to handle maid nih….

  24. Indonesian_guy

    ass wr wb

    In Indonesia, some of us also have problems with maids, bad people are everywhere as well as the good ones…

    but regarding problems with maids in Malaysia, I think it’s also about communication… we have some news which Malaysians don’t and vice versa… for example, I bet not many of you know that some Indonesian maids are actually not poor at all, or at least they are not so kebuluran… though they’re not rich, they have their houses, land, livestocks, etc… oneday, an agent comes, some of them Malaysians, and they try to persuade those people who live happily to go to find jobs in Malaysia, of course with many promises: “easy work, good money”… BUT those people need to pay certain amount of money to that agent first to get the jobs…thus, they begin to sell their properties…

    In Malaysia they don’t find any easy work with a lot of money, of course… the worst part, some of them are sold as whores… yes, those poor innocents…and it’s not only 1 or 2 cases, they’re plenty…

    Don’t you know that Malaysians are pretty famous in SEA for trafficking? Malaysians (of course the bad ones), persuade many people from Cambodia, Phil, Indo, Vietnam, even China to work as maids in Malaysia with a promise to get a high salary but then sell them as prostitutes… UN and many NGOs are working on it..

    Recent news in Indonesia is about a makcik Malaysian Malay work in Aceh caught by the police trying to persuade Acehnese women to work in Malaysia and then her group in Malaysia sell those people as whores…

    Of course it’s silly to think that all Malaysians are bandits like that… I know many of you are very kind people…

    But this kind of problem doesn’t catch Malaysian people attention… That’s why I think more communication between two people from two countries are necessary…so we don’t hate each other…

    One more thing, about a free day a week… it’s shame if Malaysia doesn’t implement it… they are humanbeing also afterall… in Indonesia many households have given their maids one free day a week, of course it’s not because we have the same nationality haha… and even in Hongkong, those non Muslims have already given their Muslim maids hari libur longtime ago… how about sesama Muslim?


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