Games for Kids, Enfagrow A+ Learning Toolkit!

By | June 18, 2010

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Necessity may be the mother of invention, but play is certainly the father.

Roger von Oech
Contemporary American creativity guru

Play is surprisingly something important in a child’s life. As Einstein’s first inspiration was from a compass that was given to him, where he was amazed and curious about the needle that always pointed to the North.  Einstein didn’t get it from any book, but the idea came from merely ‘a toy’. Newton got the theory of gravity from an apple when he was playing underneath the tree.

To open more windows of opportunity to our children, again Mead Johnson encourages the intelligence by introducing their Enfagrow A+ Learning Toolkit, which is full of surprises.

It is so easy peasy to run this program and stick a child in front of my laptop to play with the beautiful games.  Just log on to THIS WEBSITE.

The interface sangat menarik! I like the colourful page, and even if it is full with colourful graphics it is not taking a long time to load.

mead johnson

The colorful moment, I loike!

The games are divided into 3 age categories, 1-3 years old, 3-6 years old and more than 6 years old. Of course lah I only open the 1-3 years old for my Hafiy J There are simple games for child at his age.

The games. Sengaja blur kan. To see a clearer view please go to their website 😀

You’ll get the cup if you do everything right!

The games are very interesting. In fact I also get addicted to them! Sebab ia sangat comel dan berwarna-warni!

Everytime dapat selesaikan the task, they would give us this ‘letter’ and can be shared through Facebook. Very interesting ain’t it? We can always share about this good thing with our friends! All kids should go to this website.

Selain dari online play,they also have some sections those are printables. Unfortunately my printer has run out of cartridge and I couldn’t print those pretty2 ABC picture cards, songs, numbers… Sungguh rugi sekali. The printable is soooo cute!

Picture cards

Music skills

Well, it’s not just that. We parents may also benefit from the site, not only by playing the child games hehe, but also  the tips and tricks those are available in the site. And yes, before we begin we could listen to a short presentation about how this tool kit may help in developing our children. Isn’t that great.

mead johnson

Black oval – product information

Red oval – today’s tips

Orange oval – milestone checklist

Pink oval – expert’s advise

Today’s tip!

Milestone checklist

Great article from the experts!

‘Stronger children learn more’ is Enfagrow A+’s tagline. Oh itu sungguh significant sekali. That’s why we need to feed our children with the right nutrition. So that diorang akan selalu sihat. Kalau selalu sakit, they won’t have energy to do any activity.. melepek je.

Fahry loves to explore new things and now able to eat by himself

Hafiy is trying to open his brand new tumbler.

As a mother, to me what important is, above all we should provide enough love to our children. With excessive love we’ll make sure they are happy and healthy all the time. And provide enough room to play!

*thinking* Hafiy is weaning off, should I try Enfagrow A+?

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  1. iswatie

    looks interesting….isk kalu intoduce kat kids habis la notebook mummy n daddy diaorg conquer…


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