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By | September 18, 2009

*** a big thanks to the marvelous Nuffnang’s Jestina for helping me to publish this entry. You’re superb!

I got a phone call from Nuffnang telling that I was invited to Enfa Kid A+ Smart Camp a day before the event. It was Thursday then and I said to her, I couldn’t make it since nobody was available to take me there (no transport cos working day). Oh.. I must miss the fun!

The next day, Nuffnang called me again, informing that I still can go to the camp, because the were still day from Friday to Monday. Wow! So, why should I say no kan.

I asked Abiy and he agreed to go with me on Sunday.

We brought Hafiy along. I wasn’t familiar with Sunway Pyramid, I even didn’t know the location, that’s why I have to wait for Abiy. LOL. I was there 3 years ago, during E&P Core with my friends who were in the same course.

It wasn’t hard to find the camp, since we parked at LG 2, and the camp located at the same level.

The camp

We were greeted by Mr. Kenny, Mead Johnson’s Promotion Manager. He was such a nice guy. Even at the beginning, he escorted us to take the body temperature before entering the camp. Of course to get rid of H1N1 persons. I like this, at least we’re free from those bloody H1N1 things.

It was a great camp with lots of grreeeaaat activities. The camp got an exploration area called Smart Quest. It has 5 stations or called Quest, and we had to pass all those quests to get the goodie bag. Interesting, ain’t it? We were given a map and we had to complete all the puzzles.

The map

The first one was Power Up With DHA. Here, the kids were asked to take any 3 type of foods they love. Put them in the basket and brought them to the table where Mead Johnson nutrition consultant were waiting. The consultant then told them what they should take to make sure the get enough DHA for the day.

1st quest!

Hafiy chose chicken, egg and ice cream. So he needs another glass of milk to complete his daily DHA intake to complement chicken and egg. Good boy! Chicken and egg contains DHA! But ice cream.. No….~

Chicken, Mommy!

After we got a stamp on our map -and a cap too!-, we move to the next quest, Mission Triple Protection Guard – respiratory, digestive and resistance to common illness. It’s a video game like Pac-Man to ‘eat’ all the three protective elements. Of course la Mommy yang play!

Gaya mesti ada

Here we got 3 wristbands colored green, yellow and red, to represent the triple protection guards!

So we finished our smart nutrition quest. Next, we moved to smart language quest, Spell It Big. Several animals, big animals to be spelled. Simple animal like C.O.W to the more complex like B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y. It was very easy, just put the letter into the correct slots. And Hafiy did for C.O.W 😀

“Spell cow?”

Then we moved to smart music section. Beat It Quest! It was a drum set, a xylophone and another thing I couldn’t recognize what (oh vey music illiterate!). But Hafiy refused to play with any of them. Just standing sajerrr. Maybe because he started to pull his bad mood gear.

“This is not the peace sign ok!”

Then the last quest, smart play, Golf Around The World quest. Around the world, definitely. Experiencing playing golf at KLCC, Giza Pyramid and The Big Ben. Instead of hitting the golf ball, Hafiy ran to the pyramid and shouted “Miii!!” telling that there were mummies in the pyramid 😀

Hafiy with his boring face.

So we finished all the quests, got our map stamped, and redeem our goodie bag.

The bag.

The goodies!

I took the opportunity to visit the parenting section and took Enfa Mama free samples hihihi. They had a simple ‘training’ for new parents, with a baby cot and a baby doll. But since we’re senior already, no need to be trained anymore lah 😀

M is for Mommy’s!

It was a great day, except Hafiy got crankier and crankier. Kenny gave him a balloon but he didn’t want to carry it. I wish they could make it merrier by making activities for smaller kids available.

The camp is an annual event. Hopefully we can join it next year, and Hafiy will be bigger to play with all the games!

I think everybody should come and having fun!

See the crowd… So crowded with children who were very excited to learn about DHA.

“Oh my… What’s everything all about?”

After attending the event, we went to Jusco to buy roti hailam cos I was craving for toast with susu pekat manis. So yummy3!

Back home, we unwrapped the goodie bag and play with all the activities inside it.

The wristbands and cap.

So, what’s the starter?

Hafiy loves the sticker book. But as he never had any sticker book, he paste the sticker anywhere in the book. OK la… At least he didn’t put them on wall or chairs consider very OK lah!

Our children need to learn very fast today to cope with the rapid changing of our world and nation. Thus we should provide them with not only unlimited love, but also right nutrition so that they become healthy and strong, because stronger children learn more!

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  1. Hyder Shahridan

    When is the next Event for the smart camp..love to join…my daughter take the milk since 1 month until now 5 years and she love it very much…pls inform me if there is next event..tq..my number 0123972193

  2. Rubens

    elakiri machan suda. me eeth lnakawe 1st pariganaka sagarawa me ka neme. issellama meke igena ganna dewal tibbeth ne. 1st pariganaka sagarawa 2000 aapu PARIGANAKA ATWELA eeken passe thama megollo pariganaka lipi demme. Thanks Chooti


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