Curious Kids Need To be Tough Inside

By | December 17, 2009

This is an untold fairy tales from Mommy Lyna’s Kingdom. It was then a handsome Prince Fahry, who was so curious about everything.

One day, Prince Fahry saw something was hiding behind his palace’s bedroom curtain. Prince Fahry really wants to know what is behind that.


He crawled toward the curtain to find out, however, an ugly bacteria came out, scared him. Prince Fahry was so frightened by the ugly and bad germ. He shouted for help.


Suddenly, a troop of soldier came out from his body. The troop called ‘The Immunity’ defensed him from the bad threat of those germ and bacteria.

The soldiers protected him and resisted him from any attack of an organism that lead to infection or disease.


Prince Fahry continued crawling without have to worry about the germ anymore, because he had a great shield of immunity system that protected his whole body system.

The troop smashed down those germs and bacterias, and Prince Fahry finally got what was behind the curtain. It was a toy aeroplane! He was so happy and played with the aeroplane the whole day. With the troop of ‘The Immunity’ always beside him, to protect him.


What do you think about the above story? Is it interesting?

Kids will always be kids. They love to play and explore new things. Every little baby likes to put anything into his mouth. That’s the way they ‘examine’ objects. We can’t stop them putting objects in their mouth, as it is stated in their development. However, we could help them reduce the risks by:

  • Providing bigger objects to avoid choking.
  • Washing the toys with soft soap and sanitizer frequently to make sure it is clean.
  • Offer them teether or hard rusk to bite instead.
  • Feeding them with good source of food to boost their immunity system.

And I breastfeed my babies to ensure they are fully protected!

Remember that our kids are naturally curious, and thet need to be tough inside because they are exposed to all microorganism that we couldn’t see with out naked eyes. We can protect our kids from being bite by cat, or being hit by other kids, but we couldn’t if the thing is a ‘microorganism’. That’s why we need to build their immunity. Furthermore, during this H1N1 wave!

How to boost immunity in our children?

I I need my mommy~ Yeah. Our kids need us to provide them love and cherish them, so that they’ll feel confident, happy and boost their immunity!

Mmove a lot – It is well known that we need exercises to make sure they stay healthy.

Mmake friends – not only good for social health, but also for mental health. When they have many friends, they have lots of things to do and talk about. This will make them occupied, relief stress and avoid depression.

Uuse their brain – According a neurologist, “Any mental activity that uses one or a combination of these intellectual functions might benefit immune activity.”

Nnaturally boost immunity by having healthy diet – other than taking the immunization jabs which is called passive immunity, there are some active immunity booster, and of them is having a healthy diet.

Iin the dark – our body will produce melatonin when we sleep in dark room. It is a hormone that help to prevent certain disease. So ensure the bedroom light is off.

T taking a good rest – good rest, good sleep is essential for health and also for beauty. Make sure our kids catch sleep that according to their ages.

Y yiahahahahaha – Make sure our kids laugh a lot! A good belly laugh can take them away from cancer!

Now encourage our kids to be curious, and tough inside 🙂

*I got a call from Nuffnang the other day so that I publish an entry about this Friso Family Day Out. I tried since last week but I failed to upload any picture. Thank God it gives a good cooperation today.


**I am in the midst of finding (deciding to wean off?) a ‘new’ milk for Hafiy since he is now 2 years old (with a little brother) and refuse to drink EBM at the nursery. Maybe I should try the Friso free sample 😀

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