30:30 Promo for Ice Cream Lover from New Zealand Natural

By | November 30, 2009

Unfortunately, this is not a paid advertorial 🙁 -ehh perasan pulak aku ada orang nak kasi advertorial :P- I saw the Nuffnang advert appeared on my blog page just now about New Zealand Natural. For those who are not familiar, this is not a supplementary food nor skincare 😀 it is ice cream!

To be honest, I always pass by the New Zealand Natural’s kiosk near Aquaria KLCC but I never stop by there, because  I am not THAT ‘obsess’ about ice-cream. I just have it when Abiy buy me 😀

But this time around I have a new craving (no, I am NOT PREGNANT, AGAIN!), coffee and ice-cream! I bought a packet of sachet kopi-O at MaxValue Desa Parkcity and had it at least 2 times a day. I used to ONLY drink coffee to eliminate my sleepy eyes during boring training and when we go back to Abiy’s kampung, cos his Atok makes home-made coffee, ONLY. But this very time, I always think about coffee, especially after having a very nice cup of tea at Istana Hotel last fortnight. Grrr… what coffee they are using so sedapp!!!

Enough about coffee. For its 30th anniversary, what NZN offers is something like this “With a whole 30% off Take Home Packs on the 30th of every month, it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with the flavours you know and love so well. Or try something new for the very thrilling first time”. Gosh the statement is VERY for me! First time OK.

Should I take Abiy to Desa Parkcity Water Front this evening?

I have no idea how the ice cream taste, but seeing it from outside the boxes, they look so juicy and yummylicious, don’t they?

Anyone have taste it?

4 thoughts on “30:30 Promo for Ice Cream Lover from New Zealand Natural

    1. Mommy Lyna Post author

      oh yakah

      hagen daaz saya try kat hotel tuhari (pasal free!).. hmmm.. rasa cam sama je ngan eskrem lain2 hehehe. chaitt


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